10 Days of Crock Pot Cooking: Pinterest

You didn’t think I would make through an entire series on anything without mentioning Pinterest did you?

Since I found Pinterest I’ve been using it to index all my favorite recipes. I create boards for different types of recipes- breakfast, pumpkin, desserts, and of course crock pot recipes. I’m a visual learner so Pinterest has been great for finding and saving recipes.

You can check out my crock pot recipe board for inspiration or create one of your own.

If you don’t have a pinterest invite let me know and I’ll get you one if I can.

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  1. i love pinterest! too much! I now have 50 crafts that i want to do and some bread that looks fabulous! i have done some soup from there as well

  2. Andrea Santo says:

    Would you mind inviting me to pinterest? I want to get on so badly but no one has invited me yet!!! Thank you much!!

  3. I’m new to Pinterest – I’ll add you to my follow list and check out your crockpot board. Thanks!

  4. Hi. Could you send me an invite please??? 🙂

  5. Kerry Condy Duff says:

    I love Pinterest too and I don’t know how to get an invite. Any help would be appreciated:) thanks!

  6. Pinterest is my other healthy addiction, next to sewing.

  7. I’d love a pinterest invite!

  8. Leslie M.P. says:

    I would love to have an invite, too, if you are able. Thanks!

  9. Would someone pretty please send me an invite? myia.bennett@gmail.com, Thank you lots in advance 🙂

  10. Chad Gryder says:

    We are using sites like this to figure out how to make things work in our house! Baby #2 just arrived and I’m a new teacher trying to figure out my classroom and now…our house with two little ones. Pinterest looks like a fun way to relax and get good ideas at the same time. I need both of these. Any possibility you can send me an invite?

  11. I would looove an invite! Thanks!!

  12. Hello,I just found your blog. Would you please send me an invite for pinterest?

  13. Hi Julie, I love the concept of saving all these images I’m always emailing myself to one portal like this. Please send an invite if any remain. Thanks!

  14. i’d love an invite, if you’re still inviting! Thanks

  15. Great site! If you have any more pinterest invites I would love one. Thanks!

  16. love the blog, would love an invite to pinterest! thank you!

  17. I have ‘lurked’ at Pinterest for months now and love it – especially the Crock Pot pages. I have been trying to get an invite just as long , Please send an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the tips! Could you send me an invite? Thanks!!

  19. I love your blog!! If you have time could you send me an invite. My email is rzlilz1@gmail.com

  20. Lana Bogusz says:

    I’d love a Pinterest invite if you have any left.

  21. Anne Grant says:

    Crock Pot meals are my life! Would someone send me an invite to Pinerest so I can start my collection of meals? grant_anne@hotmail.com

    Thank you!

  22. I hope you can spare another invite to Pinterest. The wait has been long. Thank you in advance. Jackie

  23. Diane Larson says:

    I luv your website, and would also appreciate an invite to Pinterest, if you have spots available for more invites. Thank you so very much!

    Best regards, Diane

  24. Davona eshman says:

    If u go to http://www.pinterest.com you can simply request an invitation.

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