13 Superfoods

Since this month I am focusing on healthy eating, I thought it would be fun to post 13 superfoods. These are foods that are super healthy and available at your local store. Incorporating these foods into your diet on a regular basis can change your health for the better. 

1. Blueberries 

2. Omega 3 Rich Fish 

3. Yogurt 

4. Oats

5. Broccoli 

6. Oranges

7. Pumpkin

8. Beans

9. Black or Green Tea

10. Spinach

11. Tomatoes

12. Turkey Breast

13. Walnuts

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  1. Great list…I took notes:) Happy TT.

  2. those are all good.

    I am becoming a high raw vegan and goji berries are on my list of superfoods!

  3. With a couple of exceptions…..yummy list!

  4. I love some of those ill try to eat them more often thanks

  5. Oh I need to eat better!!! Great list!

  6. Great list. I just cannot make myself like green tea, and I’ve tried several brands. Happy TT.

    • Heather D. says:

      To Sandy M.

      Try the Pomegranate Green Tea from Yogi – I don’t like any tea at all, they all taste bitter until I had a 6 samples from Yogi, I didn’t like any but that one and that’s the only tea I drink now. I add half of Equal tablet and tsp. of honey for one tea bag. I order from Amazon when it goes on sale with free delivery, it’s cheaper than grocery store or Yogi website.

  7. What a great list! I think I have all but a few of these in the house. I know what to stock up on the next shopping trip. 🙂

  8. OH….I know it would mess up your count for 13 but one of the best things you can do is add raw honey to your diet. Check out my post at The Homemaker’s Paradise site labeled “The Benefits of Honey”

    I love your site!

  9. I think you forgot to add peanut M&M’s. Certainly just an oversight, I’m sure 😉

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