20 Summer Snack Foods Your Kids Will Love

The following is a post from contributing writer Lynn.

Summertime is almost here, and if your kids are like mine during the summer they are always hungry.  It seems that with the warm weather, playing outside, and swimming activities, my kids are always asking for snacks.

When it comes to snacks, I like to keep healthy, or at least some semi-healthy snacks, on hand for the kids to grab when they need them.

Here are a few ideas for homemade snacks that are perfect for the summertime.

    1. Chocolate Covered Craisins anyone? My kids love these and they work well with craisins or raisins. And my girls love to not only eat these, they love to make them as well.
    2. These Fruit Kabobs from Finding Joy In My Kitchen are fun and very healthy.
    3. Finding Joy In My Kitchen also has a fun nut free trail mix that could easily be made in large batches.
    4. Peanut Butter Granola Balls from Two Peas and Their Pod look so good. Any kid would love these!
    5. I love this Summer Lunch Snack Tray idea from Amy. So easy and so fun for either a snack or a lunch.

How about some fun popcorn ideas?

    1. My kids would love this Bacon Popcorn.
    2. And if that doesn’t sound good to you how about Chocolate Craisin Popcorn?
    3. Or maybe Caramel Corn. Connie’s version looks easy and fun.
    4. If you are looking for a basic plain popcorn Tina has an easy and frugal microwave popcorn recipe.

    1. I love this Cream Cheese Apple Dip. How fun would it be to set that out with a tray of fruit.
    2. I love Jen’s idea for DIY Drinks and Smoothie Bar.
    3. These Soda Pop Pecans look really good and easy.  I think the soda on these would give them a really nice caramel flavor.
    4. If you are looking for something healthier these Banana Oatmeal Muffins would make a good snack.

And how about some sweet treats.

  1. If you need a cold treat we love these Vanilla Wafer Sandwiches. This idea comes from my grandmother and I love how easy and inexpensive they are to keep on hand in the freezer.
  2. These Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies look delicious!
  3. And Amy’s Monster Cookies look like a cookie any kids would enjoy. And they have oatmeal in them so they are healthy right?! 😉
  4. These Cranberry Coconut Breakfast Cookies would work for anytime of day for a snack.
  5. This Almond Raspberry Breakfast Cake from $5 Dinners is another treat that would work for anytime of day.
  6. Chocolate Covered Banana Pops are a snack my kids have always loved. And these from Mommy’s Kitchen look so good!
  7. And No Bake Cookies are always a treat.

What summertime snacks does your family love? 

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  1. Great ideas!!! I’m going to love these and I’m not even a kid 🙂 Well… most days!

  2. Thanks for the list I just made No-Bakes the other day and plan to make some more tonight!

  3. Bacon Popcorn?!? Oh my – I think you just hit my hubby’s love language! 🙂

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