Archives for June 2008

No-Bake Cookies

Has this ever happened to you? You suddenly remember that you need to bring a dessert to an event, and you need to leave in an hour. Growing up, my mother used to make these cookies when we would forget to tell her she was in charge of snack or something like that. These cookies are so delicious, easy to make and you don't even use the oven. This is also great when you are craving a sweet treat … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of June 30th

This week my brother and his family will visiting at the beginning of the week, and then we all head off to a family reunion of sorts. I am bringing the snacks and smores. It will be a blast I am sure! Once again, I will be feeding 13 this week, so I took many of my readers advice and will fire up the crock pot for our meals this week. I will be posting my grocery budget in my sidebar again … [Read more...]

Wear An Apron

My tip today is to wear an apron. I almost always wear one in the kitchen while I am cooking or cleaning. In the past, I ruined many nice clothes by splattering food or oil on myself. Now I wear an apron, it protects my clothes and I wash it every few days. Recently, I have started wearing my apron for most of the day. When the kids come and give me really messy hugs, they get the apron and not … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of June 23rd

I am so excited because my very good friend is coming to visit me this week with her four boys. We are hoping to take a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium while she is here. This also means I will making dinner for 13 for three nights. Hmm, what do you make for 13 people? Now that we have officially moved in, I feel like things are getting back to normal. I actually made bread last week, as well as … [Read more...]

Strawberries from the Garden

It has been so long since I posted a garden update, I figured even though I don't have a lot of good news or gardening tips, I needed to post something. Right before we left on vacation I planted all my seedlings. They were doing pretty well and I wanted to get them in the ground before we left. What I hadn't planned on was the torrential rains that came almost every day while we were gone. It … [Read more...]

Powdered Milk

When I was a child the thought of drinking powdered milk sent chills up my spine. I couldn't stand the stuff, and always knew when my mom made powdered milk in "real" milk jug. Now that I am older and wiser (I hope) I see the wisdom in my mother's ways. Even as I type this my oldest daughter is telling me how powdered milk tastes weird, and she only likes it on cereal. I find the fact that she … [Read more...]