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Bread Tips

Since I am baking today, I thought I would share a few bread tips that I have learned over the past few years. Don't add extra flour to your bread dough to make it less sticky. Too much flour in your dough will make your bread heavy and dry. Try oiling your hands to keep the dough from sticking to your fingers. Flour changes with the humidity in the air. Because flour absorbs liquid from the … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

After months of living with day to day breakfast plans I have made a decision to change the way my family does breakfast. Our normal routine (in the summer) is that I sleep while the kids whine around my bed for breakfast. I tell them what I am making and then they go downstairs and wait for me to feed them. I realized the other day that this is ridiculous. I have two kids that are capable of … [Read more...]

20 Healthiest Foods for under $1

My brother sent me this link tonight. It lists the twenty healthiest foods for under $1. Since I am making my weekly trip to the grocery store tomorrow this article has me wanting to revise my shopping list. Some of the foods are pretty obvious, like bananas and broccoli but sardines... I will have to research a those a little more before I add them to my shopping cart. You can view the entire … [Read more...]

Bread Machine Disaster

I love my bread machine. Although I don't use the baking cycle very often, I use it for dough almost daily. Every once in a while the dough will get a mind of its own and explode in the bread machine. The best way to clean up a dough mess is to wait it out. At first I tried wiping it off with a rag, then scraping it off with a dull knife, but it took forever and I wasn't getting much … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

We just returned from our weekend trip, we had a great time, ate way too much food, and stayed up way too late! We are supposed to go out of town again this weekend, if we can recover from our last trip! Click on the links for more recipes.Breakfast Waffles, pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, French toast, cinnamon rolls Lunch Sandwiches, muffins, smoothies, leftovers, cut up fruit and … [Read more...]