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Menu Plan Week of September 1st

I am thrilled because I cleaned out my freezer last week and found a ton of food that I can prepare for meals this week. Hopefully it will keep my grocery bill to a minimum, since I did go over budget by about $20 last month. Monday Breakfast- Bagels Lunch - Grill out with friends; hot dogs, burgers, fruit and veggies Dinner- Hopefully (and I am crossing my fingers on this one) Texas … [Read more...]

Recycling and Bread Storage

My sister-in-law, who has just started making bread, recently asked me how I stored my loaves of bread. In the beginning I would purchase bread bags from Bread Beckers. I thought that was a bit expensive to do on a regular basis so I started using two ziploc bags or saran wrap. Neither of these ideas worked terribly well. Then I realized something that I am sure many of you have realized … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday Week of August 25

I think we are going out of town this weekend, so it will be another short week! Monday Breakfast-Waffles Lunch- Sandwiches / Fruit Dinner- Chicken Tetrazinni (recipe below) Tuesday Breakfast- Pancakes Lunch-Smoothies, Cheese, Crackers Dinner- Tacos Wednesday (first day of school) Breakfast- Oatmeal/ Bagels Lunch- Sandwiches/ Fruit Dinner- Out to dinner (celebrate 1st … [Read more...]

Easy Stir Fry

Stir fry is an easy way to use up all those leftover vegetables you have sitting in the bottom drawer of your fridge. Usually the night before shopping I have a hodge podge of vegetables that alone would not serve our family, but mixed together make a great frugal and nutritious dish. The recipe is below, although tonight I added red onion and did not use any yellow pepper. PrintEasy Stir … [Read more...]

Lest Any of You Take My Advice too Seriously

Recently we enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law. We shared many ideas about cooking, homemaking, childrearing, blogging, etc. After tasting some of my homemade bread she was inspired to purchase a Zojirushi and try it herself. Here is a photo of her first loaf of bread. Delish! Hopefully she will rise to the challenge with her next loaf. Currently she has a roast in the crock pot, stop … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of August 18th

Our last week before school begins! This week I am focusing on eating from the pantry since I would like to organize it a little more before next week. Monday Breakfast- Whole Wheat Waffles Lunch- Sandwiches / Fruit Dinner- Stir Fry Tuesday Breakfast- Cereal/ Oatmeal Lunch-Smoothies, Cheese, Crackers Dinner- Lasagna, Cesar Salad, Texas Toast Wednesday Breakfast- Pancakes Lunch- … [Read more...]