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Camping Menu Plan

Here is our camping menu for the weekend. We camp with another family so we divide up the meals and bring our own lunch fixings, snacks and drinks. This is probably our easiest camping menu we have ever had. I can't wait for some yummy food cooked over the fire! Friday Night- split pea soup in bread bowls, mountain pies, veggies Saturday Breakfast - pancakes, sausage, coffee, and hot … [Read more...]

Chocolate Syrup

Since many of you have asked if the boy got chocolate syrup in his milk, I decided I needed to respond. I am sad to report that he did not get chocolate syrup for two reasons. First, I didn't think we had any (it is not something I normally purchase) and second with all the excitement I forgot, and he didn't bug me about it. One of my real life friends sent me a recipe for chocolate syrup you can … [Read more...]


I was recently made aware of the grocery delivery service Peapod. Currently they deliver in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. From their website, it looks like they deliver in partnership with Giant and Shop and Stop. When I initially heard about this service, I thought it would be great for elderly folks who have trouble getting out in the winter. Their delivery charges seem reasonable … [Read more...]

Homemade Donuts

Homemade doughnuts are easy to make and much cheaper than buying them at the store. A fresh homemade doughnut is delicious and your kids can help decide how to frost them; sprinkles, powdered sugar, powdered sugar icing, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate frosted (my favorite). This recipe for cake donuts can be made from start to finish in about 30 minutes. Perfect for a special … [Read more...]

Smoothie Tips

Smoothies are a favorite at our house. Over the past few years I have learned a few tips to making a better smoothie. One reason I love our Vita-Mix is that it does a great job of blending everything together so it tastes good! The tips below will work for any blender. Freeze your fruit Colder smoothies tastes better. I usually freeze almost brown bananas as well as other fruit I am able to … [Read more...]

I Guess I am It?

I was tagged twice this weekend, I normally don't "do" tags due to the fact I hardly have time to keep up with comments but, I am feeling a little wild and crazy today, so here it goes. Thanks Anissa and Christy for tagging me this weekend.  6 random things about me, except these aren't really random because I love to have topics,  6 random food facts about me.... 1. I am a picky eater. … [Read more...]