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Food Storage – Explained

While I am not one to preach gloom and doom, I do think it is a good idea to be prepared in this economy. When I realized I had a reader who stockpiled I begged asked Keeley to write a guest post on the topic. If you think about it, stockpiling was a way of life 100 years ago. People planted in the spring, harvested and preserved in the summer and fall in order to store up for the winter. With the … [Read more...]

Saving Money with Beans and Rice

Dave Ramsey talks a lot about beans and rice, because it is an inexpensive meal and if you are trying to get out of debt you need to eat cheap. Personally, I think beans have gotten a bad rap. Beans and rice don't have to taste bad! If prepared correctly they taste great and are full of protein, without the high cost. Black beans are a favorite at my house because they can be used in many … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of October 26th

My Belgian Waffle Maker has been a huge hit with the kids! I cannot even remember how many mornings (and evenings) I served waffles. I must admit, that waffle maker is awesome! I am working on a new recipe to share with you next week. I am hoping to have a great week in the kitchen. The commissary sales have been great lately so my pantry is full and I hope to create lots of meals from my … [Read more...]

Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot

Wondering what to make for dinner? Check out my family's favorite crock pot recipes for great dinner ideas! Update: If you have a minute, read through the comments, my readers have added some awesome tips and ideas for cooking whole chickens. I have also posted a whole chicken in a crock pot video tutorial for those who are interested. I am convinced that buying a whole chicken is one of the … [Read more...]

No Menu Plan ~ But a Great Menu Planning Resource

No menu plan for the Happy House this week. With several of the kids and mom fighting various illnesses trying to plan what I will feel like cooking this week is impossible. Fortunately, thanks to an awesome meat sale a few weeks back my freezer is stocked with hamburger and a few roasts, and for some reason we have enough rice to last for the next two years. Maybe I'll come up with an … [Read more...]

Family Fun Meals

Once school starts things tend to get hectic during the week. With five kids homeschooling this year I feel like the day is over in a flash. Even though the kids are busy with school, chores, friends, extra projects, and lessons we almost always eat dinner together. During the school year I try to make Friday night dinners something extra special. Usually on Friday night we have a "fun meal" … [Read more...]