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Join Musselman’s in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

You all know how much I love the folks at Musselman's, and now I have one more reason to love them! During the month of January, Musselman’s will donate 10¢ to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every package of Musselman’s Natural and Healthy Picks Apple Sauce purchased. I have to tell you that Musselman's Natural applesauce is my kids' absolute favorite (they can eat a large jar at … [Read more...]

All You: Printable Coupons, Money Saving Tips, Recipes

Submit your email address (and that's it) to get All You's free holiday guide, loaded with low cost recipes, coupons (they usually have high value ones) and money saving tips. I signed up and within minutes received the Holiday Pie Special with 10 pie recipes and pie crust tips! … [Read more...]

Join Me For Baking Day

I'm baking tomorrow (or today if you get this by email) and you can join me on Facebook as I update throughout the day with pictures, recipes, and I'm sure a little chaos. My baking list: Lemon Bread Buckeyes Fudge Carmel Corn Sugar Cookies Peanut Brittle Rice Krispies Ornaments Cinnamon Rolls Pie Crust … [Read more...]

Pot Roast: Slow Cooker

Wondering what to make for dinner? Check out my family's favorite crock pot recipes for great dinner ideas! I want to share with you a very simple crock pot roast recipe that is perfect for Christmas Day. Instead of working all day in the kitchen, you can spend 10 minutes adding the ingredients to the crock pot and enjoy the rest of the day with your family. This is a delicious meal, and I can … [Read more...]

Christmas Food Traditions: Menu Plan

Eight Christmases, eight different houses. My children have experienced a lot of change in their short lives. While some people embrace change, it can be hard for others. I realized a long time ago, that even though our location might change our traditions stay the same. Our family purposed to create traditions for our children that they can carry into their adult lives. When they look back on … [Read more...]

8 Easy Fudge Making Tips

When fudge is good, it is really good. And when fudge is bad... well it is still good, but you know what I mean. It isn't hard to turn a delicious fudge recipe into a gritty candy. I was making fudge this week and it didn't turn out quite right. It is still good, but not great. I realized after a lot of research that there are a few tricks to making great fudge! 8 Easy Fudge Making Tips Try a … [Read more...]