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Homemade Salsa

If you know how to can, salsa makes a great homemade Christmas gift! Can this recipe and wrap it up with a bag of tortilla chips! Tomatoes and peppers are some of the easiest things to grow and can thrive in pots if you don't have a yard. You will also find that in August, you will have more tomatoes and peppers than you could ever eat on a BLT or fajita, so what I usually do is make my own … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Coming in Under Budget

Have you entered to win mortgage payments for a year yet? The number of entries is low, so your chances of winning are pretty good. Even if you have already entered your spouse (or anyone over 21) can enter as well. Menu Plan/ Budget Update Thanks to a sick baby and getting sick myself, I came in way under budget this month! My goal was $540 and I have spent $402. I will need to buy milk … [Read more...]

Rhubarb Cake

  My friend Barb gave me some rhubarb last week along with this delicious recipe for rhubarb cake. I have never eaten rhubarb in my life, but this cake is good enough to make anyone a rhubarb fan! Rhubarb can be chopped and frozen in an airtight bag to be used for later. It grows year round in warm climates and can be grown in a large pot if you don't have space for a garden.   PrintRhubarb … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: 3 Moms/ Budget Update

It's time for another weekly menu plan as well as a 3 Moms update. It has been a few months since Jen, Kate and I shared a month in our kitchens and we thought it would be fun to give a short update. Kate's been filling up her freezer, Jen has been stockpiling groceries and I've been trying to cut the budget and get back into a routine. A few things that have been happening around the Happy … [Read more...]

Grilled Eggplant

In my life I have purchased a few eggplants and they have all rotted in my fridge. While the thought of making something with eggplant appeals to me, actually making it does not. I am not sure why I am drawn to purchasing this vegetable that I do not cook, perhaps it is the funny shape, purple color, or the fact that they go on sale. Needless to say, last week I bought one because my husband … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Budgets, Stockpiling, and Free Food

I often find that when I am trying to save money in a certain area God always provides abundantly for my family, in that area. This weekend we were out of town and one of my friends asked if I wanted any vegetables and eggs from her farm. We left town with 60 eggs and a box full of yummy homegrown veggies. If anyone has ideas for cucumbers I'd love to hear them, I have a bunch :) So far I have … [Read more...]