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Menu Plan: Crock Pot Week

Have you entered my Vita-Mix giveaway yet? It ends tomorrow! Last week I planned to eat from the pantry, but the bug that seems to have spread from here to West Virginia struck our family and I spent most of my week at the doctor's office, on the phone with the doctor, or at the pharmacy. As a result we ended up eating a lot of sandwiches, frozen pizza and take out. Many of the recipes on the … [Read more...]

A VitaMix: My Gift to You!

So, my bloggy birthday celebration is coming to an end, but I wanted to give one of you a very special gift. The gifts I've given away this week represent some of my favorite things, music, basketball, books, cloth diapers, etc., but I saved the best for last! So to end my blog birthday week I'm giving one of you my FAVORITE kitchen tool. A Vita-Mix! Cue party hats, streamers, and those little … [Read more...]

Pink Lasagna

I have to admit, I'm a frozen lasagna girl. It is easy, I usually buy it on sale, and my family doesn't LOVE lasagna, so they don't care how gourmet it tastes. I happen to like lasagna and would love to serve it more frequently at our home, so I decided to try a "pink" version, since my pink pasta recipe seems to sneak into dinner plans several times a month. Speaking of lasagna and picky … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Pantry Edition

Did you know that I'm celebrating my bloggy birthday? I'm giving away some of my favorite things this week, as a thank you to my awesome readers! I've got some great stuff I want to share with you so check back daily for more giveaways, and go enter my first giveaway for a great cake ebook! I hate to admit this, but since the day we moved into our house the pantry has been a total mess. I … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Way To Grind Grain: Coffee Grinder

After I wrote the article about my Zojirushi Bread Machine, I got an email from a reader sharing her inexpensive tip to grind grain. Many of the grain mills cost around $200 and that is simply not in the budget for some families. Bonnie shared: I put my grains in my coffee grinder and then sift them... Using a coffee grinder to grind wheat is a great and inexpensive way to make delicious … [Read more...]

Organic Coconut Oil: What is a Good Price?

One of our food goals this year is to eat more REAL food. Many of you suggested switching to coconut oil for cooking. I have to admit, I'm a coconut newbie! I don't know much about the stuff and it seems super expensive! Currently Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is on sale at Amazon for $11.51 (with subscribe and save) for two 15 oz containers. Is this a good or even great deal? I'm … [Read more...]