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Grilled Zucchini

Shortly gardens will be overflowing with zucchini. I remember a few years ago we planted two plants which was one too many. Even those with a black thumb like me seem to be able to grow zucchini. In a few weeks when you are overwhelmed with squash, try this delicious grilled zucchini recipe. It is a favorite even with my kids who don't like zucchini. PrintGrilled ZucchiniPrep 5 minsCook 6 … [Read more...]

Free Quick and Easy Dinners Ebook

All of you who are participating in the Eat at Home Challenge need to grab this freebie! “Like” Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures on Facebook and get a free copy of her Quick and Easy Dinners eBook. This ebook contains nineteen recipes to help you fix healthy home cooked meals for your family with out spending a lot of time in the kitchen. These are recipes that my family has been enjoying for years. … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

How's the Eat at Home challenge going? We've done pretty well, but we did go out once. My daughter asked to go to Cheesecake Factory with a friend for her birthday next week, but other than that we should be able to stick with the challenge for the rest of the time. After checking my price book I decided to get a Costco membership again. It isn't that close to my house, but it is on the way … [Read more...]

$12 for 6 Months of Menu Plans With The Fresh 20

Family Finds is another daily deal site similar to Groupon and Living Social. Today's Family Find is worth grabbing if you need some help with your menu planning. $12 for 6 Months of Menu Plans With The Fresh 20 ($30 Value) Here's what you get with the deal: Six months of budget-friendly menu plans for five meals per week, using just 20 ingredients Simple, nutritious and kid-friendly … [Read more...]

Whole Wheat Corn Waffles

I have a new favorite waffle recipe--Whole Wheat Corn Waffles! If you have a grain mill you can grind your wheat berries and corn for delicious waffles. If you don’t have a mill use a combination of white and whole wheat flour plus cornmeal. The waffles will still be great. PrintWhole Wheat Corn WafflesPrep 10 minsCook 5 minsTotal 15 minsAuthor Toni AndersonYield 12 Ingredients3 cups whole … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Eat at Home Challenge

For the next 30 days I'm challenging my family and yours to eat at home. Our family "officially" started the challenge last Tuesday but you can join in whenever you want! We are purchasing a 1/4 of a cow (more on that later) and are trying to cut our eating out budget to pay for the bulk meat. So far so good for our family. Tomorrow is Father's Day and we normally do not eat out on these types … [Read more...]