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Crock Pot Recipes and Tips

Apparently people want crock pot recipes, the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page went from 100,000 "likes" to 800,000 "likes" in a little over a week. Isn't that crazy? The page is updated so frequently I've had trouble finding any crock pot recipes, but all the activity on the page tells me people want to use their crock pot! I've been using my crock pot for years and our family has several … [Read more...]

Free Crock Pot Recipes Ebook

Don't miss this free Crock Pot recipes cookbook from Mr. Food. They are only asking for email address when you click and download the cookbook so that is pretty good! I looked through it quickly and I see several of my favorite recipes in this book so I think it will be a nice free resource! … [Read more...]

Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber is another vegetable is that is fairly easy to grow and can be grown in pots on a porch if you have minimal yard space. Here are some yummy cucumber recipes to add to your recipe box. Click on the photo or the recipe title to see the cucumber recipe. Cucumber Mint Granita Fattoush Homemade Pickles Quinoa Tabouli with … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

We've started school and soccer so things are going to get busy around here for the next two months. It's always challenging to balance healthy meals with nights away from home. There will probably be lots of crock pot and freezer meals over the next several weeks. If you have any great crock pot suggestions I'd love for you to share them! Breakfasts Bull’s Eyes served with bacon and … [Read more...]

Back to Homeschool Lunch Ideas

Have I ever told you how much I dislike lunch? I've decided that lunch is the homeschool mom's nemesis, the required interruption in an otherwise orderly and organized day. ;) I've often said I wish we could skip lunch, but I have a few children who would object. For most of my kids, lunch is not the end of their homeschool day. Lunch is the midpoint, so if I fill them up with carbs and … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Back to School

School is back in session! This is the first time we've taken an extended summer break in several years and I've enjoyed it, but I'm ready for our routine. Not only is school starting but soccer starts next week too! I'm hoping we don't have practice five nights a week like we did last season, but we won't know until next weekend. If we do, I'll have to change the name of my site to The Crock … [Read more...]