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$5 Dinner Mom’s Holiday Entertaining Guide

Are you having a houseful this Thanksgiving or Christmas? If so then you need to grab a copy of The $5 Dinner Mom's newest book, Holiday Entertaining Guide. In her newest book, Erin shares favorite holiday recipes, budgeting tips, ideas for using coupons and match-ups, and my favorite- tips for making all your food using only one oven! Forget the fancy, over-the-top, who really does these … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

What happened to October? I can't believe we are almost three weeks away from Thanksgiving. If you haven't started shopping the grocery sales for your Thanksgiving meal you probably should. I know last year there were shortages on a few items including canned pumpkin. Breakfasts Pumpkin Pancakes French Toast Whole Wheat Corn Waffles Homemade English Muffins served … [Read more...]

Can You Use a Carving Pumpkin in Recipes?

Many people have asked what type of pumpkin to use when cooking pumpkin for use in recipes. Personally I prefer the smaller pie pumpkin, but you can cook the larger "jack-o-lantern" pumpkin as well. The smaller pumpkins are sweeter so you will need to adjust the sugar in your pumpkin recipes if you are using the larger pumpkins. My only suggestion is that you avoid the pumpkins with … [Read more...]

Tip for Saving on Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Many of us want to feed our kids organic fruits and vegetables but just can't afford it. While shopping at the commissary I noticed that buying organic carrots in bulk was less per pound that buying a bag of regular baby carrots (what I normally buy). I peeled and sliced the carrots so they were the same size as baby carrots (which my kids love). They're getting organic vegetables for … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Prices Rising

The price of peanut butter is on this rise this fall. The price of a metric ton of peanuts was $1,272.27 in September 2010. This September the price was $1,800.00. Bad weather and a poor crop has led to a shortage of peanuts and the steep rise in prices. This rise in price will be passed on to the consumer, and the price of peanut butter is expected to increase in the next few weeks/ … [Read more...]

Copy Cat Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard

It's fall and pumpkins are everywhere! Stock up, cook them up, and freeze them for delicious pumpkin recipes all winter. You can find them all pumpkin recipes here! Dairy Queen Copy Cat Pumpkin Pie Blizzard I was not trying to make a Dairy Queen pumpkin pie blizzard a few weeks ago, I was actually trying to make pumpkin pie ice cream. My ice cream ended up being more like a milkshake and my … [Read more...]