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Cuisinart 17 Piece Cookware Set $131!

Don't miss this great deal at Cuisinart 77-17 Chef's Classic Stainless 17-Piece Cookware Set is only $130.72! (Regular price $670) I recently purchased a Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 4-Quart Saucepan and really like it. If you are looking to replace your pots and pans you'll want to check out this deal! Also included in this deal is a mail-in-rebate. Get a free … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Christmas Leftovers

Although I burned my finger on the donut oil, almost set my stove on fire with boiling over pies, broke my grain mill, and my nephew needed eight stitches in his foot on Christmas night I'd say we had a great weekend. :) We spent Christmas Eve with friends and had some delicious smoked salmon, grilled venison (I used this recipe for the marinade and it was amazing!) and trout cakes (also … [Read more...]

Tip for Measuring Flour

Have you ever followed a recipe exactly, but it didn't quite turn out? If it contained flour it could be because you used too much flour without even realizing it. While in the test kitchen at Smucker's I learned this simple measuring tip for flour. Don't scoop the flour with your measuring cup. Scooping the flour packs it into the measuring cup and can really throw off a recipe if … [Read more...]

Christmas Dinner Menu

It seems like I alternate every year either making a big Christmas dinner or feeding my kids cereal all day. This year we'll be celebrating with my family, and even though they love cereal I've decided we need a real Christmas dinner. I don't get real fancy for Christmas dinner because I would rather spend time with my family than time in the kitchen. Most of the items on the menu can be … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: Christmas

It's almost Christmas and I can't believe it. What happened to 2011? I still haven't planned my Christmas menu, so I'll share it later this week. We have several Christmas traditions when it comes to food, so our menu might look a little different this week... or not, depending on your family traditions. Breakfasts Christmas Pancakes My kids actually request this pancakes throughout … [Read more...]

Cranberry Pear Warm Winter Punch

This warm drink will have you hardly believing your taste buds – it’s a delicious play on tart and sweet warmed up to create the perfect warm beverage for those cool nights. It will bring you the cold weather flavors you love, but in drink form! PrintCranberry Pear Warm Winter PunchPrep 5 minsCook 10 minsTotal 15 minsAuthor Toni AndersonYield 4 servings Ingredients2 cups cranberry juice1 … [Read more...]