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Menu Plan

Are you a tired mama? I was, in fact I was exhausted, all.the.time. A few months ago I decided to make a few changes in my life and the results have been amazing. One of the changes I made was what I was eating. I'm going to be sharing my story starting this week so I hope you'll read along, and maybe make some changes too! Breakfasts Whole Wheat Corn Waffles served with … [Read more...]

How I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half With Menu Planning

I'm sharing the story of how menu planning helped cut my grocery budget in half this week on LearnVest. It's really quite simple, you just have to do it! A few years ago I decided to add up my grocery receipts for one whole month. What I found was shocking. I was spending $1,200 a month for our (then) family of six, and I was grocery shopping nearly every day of the week. What was worse … [Read more...]

Free Printables: Oven Free Dinner Menu for August

Nothing heats up the kitchen faster than an oven...especially in the summer! Use these free printable downloads from for Oven Free Menu Planning!  Included you'll find an entire menu for August complete with recipe links that all contain oven free ideas.  And, you can download a blank calendar for you to fill in your own favorite recipes that do not use the oven. Grab these … [Read more...]

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Our family has all but quit using traditional taco shells or tortillas for our tacos.  So easy, and SO much healthier, lettuce leaves offer the perfect tool for serving the simplest or the most savory of fillings. I like to use the crock pot to cook chicken during the day, and then use this simple method for shredding the chicken. Tacos (or lettuce wraps in this case) are always a fun time, as … [Read more...]