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Creamed Turkey on Toast

The following is a post from contributing writer Dawn. Growing up, this was a regular at my husband's house. Originally it was made with canned cream of mushroom soup. When we married, I began experimenting with it a bit trying to find a compromise between my mushroom-loving husband and me, who prefers a hint of mushroom taste. This recipe has been tweaked and tweaked until I am finally thrilled … [Read more...]

Leftover Ham Recipes

After the holidays, many of us end up with a huge leftover ham to figure out what to make that won't bore our families. (Very similar to Thanksgiving when we came up with a great list of recipes for Leftover Turkey!) Below is a variety of mouthwatering recipes to help you use up all of your leftover ham with pleasure: Ham and Sweet Potato Hash Ham and Egg Crepe … [Read more...]

Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

The following post is from contributing writer Kristia. Christmas morning is a whirlwind of activity at my house, and I don't want to miss a single minute of it. So instead of standing at the stove cooking up a hot breakfast, I simply prepare this hearty egg and sausage breakfast casserole on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and refrigerate it overnight. On Christmas morning, the prep is already … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Vanilla Checkerboard Cake

The following is a post from contributing writer Brandy. This checkerboard cake is always a crowd pleaser.  For one, it's fun!  And it's actually two cakes in one, so there is plenty to go around. And if you're like me, your kids alone provide a crowd.  If you make this for them for their birthday or for the holidays, you'll impress them, for sure! You'll need three round cake pans and one cake … [Read more...]

Cookies on Christmas Eve

Did you know that according to The History of Christmas, the cookie that fills Santa’s plate most often is store bought? In the 1930’s children began the tradition of leaving a plate of cookies for Old St. Nick. The naughty children used the cookies as a bribe in hopes of getting gifts and the good children left them as a thank you. In our family we have a tradition of baking cookies on … [Read more...]

Snickers Fudge

The following is a post from contributing writer SnoWhite. This fudge is a real treat!  It's been a family favorite at my house for years.  Tastes just like a snickers bar -- only better.  The recipe makes 8 dozen squares of fudge, so plan ahead and give this as a gift this year. PrintSnickers FudgeAuthor Toni Anderson Ingredients2 cups dark chocolate chips, divided1/2 cup butterscotch … [Read more...]