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Low Carb Italian Wedding Soup

By contributing writer Dawn My brother-in-law met his wife in college while they were studying abroad in Italy. Years later, their wedding was Italian themed (and absolutely amazing!). It was at their wedding that I tasted my first tiramisu and other authentic Italian foods. I had always loved what I thought was Italian food and still do, but only if it is done correctly! No Italian chain … [Read more...]

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Don't forget to enter our giveaway for the cookie kit! Have you ever hosted a holiday cookie exchange? I host or attend one almost every year. I love them for so many reasons, getting together with friends, baking, and of course coming home with tons of different types of cookies that I didn't have to bake! My kids participated in a cookie exchange for their youth group this week and came home … [Read more...]

Quick and Healthy Fudge

By contributing writer Tessa I was never a huge fan of fudge when I was growing up.  Even then, when Captain Crunch Berries was one of my favorite cereals, I thought it was too sweet (who knows?!)  Back then it had marshmallow creme. I don't even know WHAT ingredients are in that today?! Doing a quick Google search reveals popular recipes with eye-popping amounts of white sugar (3+ cups!!) … [Read more...]

A Little Help for the Holidays from Kraft: Best Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs, I feel like people either love them or hate them. I fall into the LOVE them category. It seems like they were a staple at holiday gatherings and potlucks when I was a child. Of course looking back on it, bringing deviled eggs to a potluck in Florida during the summer seems a little unsafe, but I digress. Deviled eggs may be a southern thing because when I brought them to a potluck in … [Read more...]

Chocolate Gingerbread Scones

By contributing writer Andrea Green Gingerbread season is my absolute favorite season of the year! I love early November when I start seeing gingerbread flavored everything on the store shelves. As soon as November 1st hits, I make up my Homemade Gingerbread Latte Syrup and use it liberally in my coffee. Then, I start baking. Chocolate Gingerbread Scones are one of my favorite gingerbread … [Read more...]

50 Christmas Dessert Recipes

By contributing writer SnoWhite With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start baking!  This list has you covered - including gluten-free recipes if needed! Christmas Cookies Buckeyes Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies Cinnamon Clove Coffee Cookies Dark Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Frosted Sugar Cookies Ginger Cookies Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies Linzer … [Read more...]