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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apple Muffins

One of my readers, Jessica, sent me this variation on my brown sugar cinnamon muffins.  I think the addition of apple is a great idea.  You can mix the chopped apple with brown sugar and cinnamon or mix it with brown sugar only and let your kids sprinkle the cinnamon on top.  That's what Jessica's son likes to do! PrintBrown Sugar Cinnamon Apple MuffinsAuthor Linda Ingredients1 3/4 cups … [Read more...]

International Delight: Pin to Win Sweepstakes

Have you tried International Delight's new Coldstone Creamery flavors? International Delight is one of my favorite companies to work with (their folks are awesome) so I'm always excited when they come out with a new product.What's better for summer than pairing International Delight with Coldstone Creamery? My kids love Coldstone, so I was excited to search Pinterest and find all sorts of … [Read more...]

5 Easy Freezer Meals

by contributing writer Lynn What do you think of when you think of freezer cooking? Maybe shopping for hours and then spending a full day in the kitchen cooking? That is what many people think of when it comes to freezer cooking, but that's not the freezer cooking I'm talking about today. I am talking about easy freezer meals. Yes, freezer cooking can be quick and easy. It does not … [Read more...]

The Menu Mom: Summer eBook Bundle Sale

The Menu Mom has released a Summer eBook Bundle that is sure to inspire you in the kitchen (and outdoors) this summer! Right now, you can get all 9 Summer eBooks for only $10 total!  That's only a little over $1 each - cheaper than some yard sales! You will receive the following titles: Citrus Summer Meals 5 Ingredient Grill Meals Eating Organic Handbook Emergency Preparedness … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Tuna Burger

Several months ago I did a 24 day cleanse. I didn't actually make it through the full 24 days, but one thing I did like about it was increasing the fruits and vegetables in my diet.The folks at Triscuit want to encourage you to incorporate more real foods into your life. With their new line of crackers that include ingredients like brown rice, beans, and sweet potatoes it makes snacking on real … [Read more...]

BBQ Chicken & The Chew

So I just realized that I've spent the past twenty some years thinking BBQ chicken is chicken with BBQ sauce on it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact it is one of my favorite meals. After watching an episode of The Chew I realized that BBQ is actually a way of cooking meat over a low heat with wood or charcoal. Since I haven't had a charcoal grill since we lived in Cuba I thought … [Read more...]