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Last Minute Side Dishes & Farberware Giveaway

Do you need a side dish in a hurry? I remember several years ago a friend and I were making a salad and the candied nuts that were supposed to go in the salad burned on the stove top. We ended up having to come up with a quick alternative to take with us since we had burned all the walnuts. During the holidays it seems like there are more potlucks, dinners, and special events than … [Read more...]

Apples & Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Butter

By contributing writer Beth This apple and sweet potato recipe has five ingredients and the simplicity speaks for itself. The flavors blend together so well, and it’s the perfect recipe to go with a simplified Thanksgiving feast. The tradition is there in the warmth and sweetness of the dish, and all the ingredients are familiar and comfortable. There’s nothing intimidating in the ingredients or … [Read more...]

Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

By contributing writer Beth We have a rosemary bush in our front yard, and I just love to brush past it. It always smells like “yum” to me. As a result, I enjoy finding easy and delicious ways to cook with rosemary. This rosemary pull-apart bread is great for serving because you don’t have to slice perfectly. This is great since I’m pretty much terrible at making clean, even bread slices. I think … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole

By contributing writer Tessa Green bean casserole was one my very favorites growing up. When our focus on eating turned allergy friendly and real food based, I knew this was a casserole I had to reinvent for our holiday celebrations. I was shocked at how much better the made from scratch, gluten-free green bean casserole tasted! WOW! It is infinitely tastier and full of real, pronounceable … [Read more...]

Mushroom & Parmesan Garlic Stuffing

By contributing writer Beth Stuffing is such a staple of fall festivities that I just love to mess with it. Year after year I can’t leave it alone. I add ingredients and replace herbs. I've done boxed and scratch recipes. I really love them all. I love adding meat to the stuffing to make it more hearty, and changing the texture by adding nuts and seeds is one of my favorite ways to surprise … [Read more...]

How to Get Four Meals from a Whole Chicken

One way I can really stretch our grocery budget is to make a whole chicken in the crock pot and use it for several meals. Many of you have asked how you can get more than one meal out of a whole chicken, so I wanted to show you how I do it. A whole chicken can usually be purchased for under a $1 a pound (more if you are buying an organic, free range chicken) but it is still cheaper than … [Read more...]