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Bean Burritos

I made this dish as part of my use up all food in the house menu plan. I have to say it was a huge hit! After eating it, I told my husband I didn't even think we could go out for Mexican again! This meal was so delicious and so cheap! PrintBean BurritosAuthor Toni AndersonYield 6 IngredientsHomemade or Canned Refried BeansShredded Cheese (I used a combination of colby jack and asiago, I … [Read more...]

Grilled Caprese Sandwich

By contributing writer Beth The combination of mozzarella, fresh basil, and vine-ripened tomatoes is a perfect trio of flavors.  This grilled Caprese sandwich takes that simple perfection and nestles it between two golden, buttery delicious slices of bread. My husband says that the mayo is the best part of this sandwich.  It adds a slight zing of flavor and helps marry all the other fresh flavors … [Read more...]

Grain-Free Poppy Seed Cheddar Crackers

By contributing writer Tessa I remember the day when the thought of a making a cracker seemed like a job for professionals.  It wasn't until my son's food allergies that I ventured into making them so that he could have safe crackers to eat along with everyone else. Like everything in life, we are meant to learn from our circumstances.  And while I doubt learning how to make crackers was the main … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

When I got married, I found out my husband didn't like chocolate chip cookies. Say what?!?! Since chocolate chip cookies were one of the few things I knew how to make back then, we didn't have many sweets in the house during those early years. Eventually, I learned to bake (and loved it) and decided these peanut butter oatmeal cookies were my new favorite. I'm not sure if cookies can be hearty, … [Read more...]

How to Cook a Pumpkin

Do you love pumpkin? Subscribe for free email updates and don't miss a pumpkin recipe! Do you know how to cook a pumpkin? I didn't until a few years ago when stores started running out of canned pumpkin around Thanksgiving. I did some research and realized that cooking a pumpkin is actually quite simple and you can freeze the cooked pumpkin for long term storage. Since I live in Florida … [Read more...]

Butternut Squash Soup

  My first two recipes are soups. Soups are so cheap to make, can be made ahead of time and either frozen or stored in the fridge for several days, and warm you up on those cool fall evenings. I almost always serve my homemade soups with a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread. It costs under a dollar to make and really fills everyone up. This soup uses fall produce to save even more money. Many people … [Read more...]