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Iced Tea Floats

If you are looking for a fun drink to enjoy during these final days of summer, try iced tea floats! These floats are easy to make and you can have all the ingredients ready to go for a quick and refreshing drink. For a fun twist, serve in mason jars with circular lemon slices. PrintIced Tea FloatsAuthor LindaYield 4 Ingredients2 cups black teaIce to taste1 cup club soda1/4 cup lemon … [Read more...]

Cherry Apple Pork Loin: Slow Cooker

By contributing writer Beth Smothered in fresh cherries and apples and dusted with cinnamon, your whole family will adore this Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Pork Loin. There's something comforting about a juicy, tender pork loin. It's full of mouthwatering protein and delicious flavor. Pair that with seasonal fruits and you've got a winning flavor combination. Impress your guests with this Cherry … [Read more...]

Paleo Peach Smoothie

By contributing writer Tessa This Paleo Peach Smoothie celebrates the fresh, bright flavors of summer and gets plenty of nutrition in too. Peaches and nectarines have got to be some of the best stone fruits when they are in season. I can't get enough of them! The added nutrition in this smoothie comes from the surprise ingredient - spaghetti squash (or zucchini). The first time I made it, I … [Read more...]

Canning Basics for Beginners

There is a satisfaction that comes with canning your own fruits, vegetables, and even meats for your family. I love to see the pantry shelves stocked with an abundance of brightly colored, healthy, and tasty foods. Canning gives you the option to preserve foods when they are in season and at the height of freshness and enjoy them later. I have gathered together some basic canning tips to help … [Read more...]

How to Freezer Cook with a Friend

A few months ago one of my friends asked if I wanted to do a freezer cooking day. Years ago, freezer cooking was the only way I could manage to get dinner on the table. Once my kids were older and I didn't have toddlers melting down at dinnertime I stopped freezer cooking. However, after way too many meals of frozen pizza or spaghetti, I realized that even though my kids were older, our nights … [Read more...]