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Paleo Sweet Almond Bread

By contributing writer Tessa Bread without grains? Seems unlikely, but this Paleo Sweet Almond Bread really satisfies any carb or bread craving you may have if you ever cut grains from your diet! Even if you CAN eat grains, this simple quick bread is delicious in its own right and worthy of a slather of butter and homemade jam! This bread toasts beautifully, and the almond flour is subtly sweet … [Read more...]

Mexican Street Corn Dip

This Mexican Street Corn Dip is a delicious appetizer that is served with tortilla chips. PrintMexican Street Corn DipAuthor LindaYield 3 - 4 Ingredients2 cups cornDrizzle of olive oil1 tablespoon garlic powderSalt and pepper to taste1/2 cup sour cream1/4 cup chopped parsley1/4 cup chopped green onions1 tablespoon chili powderInstructionsIn a skillet over medium heat, add the corn, olive … [Read more...]