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I did my first shopping trip of the month on Wednesday night. I know that technically the month didn’t start until Thursday, but any of you who have been to the Commissary on a payday know why I went the night before.

I didn’t have a lot of coupons for this trip, but I figured I could still keep my cost below $150, which is my goal for each week. Below is my list, with the prices I paid for the items. The items that are crossed through I didn’t purchase.

Shopping List

Apples $6.04
Bananas $1.59
Zucchini $0.66
Grapes $4.51
Pineapple $3.50
Cantelope $2.29
Pears $1.65
Broccoli $1.34
Sweet potatoes $2.08
Potatoes $4.39
Onion $0.55
Oranges $ 3.88
Cilantro $0.26
Minced garlic $0.72
Chipotle pepper $3.59
Cayenne pepper
Marshmallows $1.39
3 cans salmon $2.97
4 cans tuna $1.70 (only bought 3)
Applesauce $1.79
Refried beans $0.59
Pasta $1.09
Linguine Noodles $1.09
Baked beans $1.00
Whole Wheat Ritz $2.68
Graham crackers $2.61
Chocolate bars $0.99
Powdered buttermilk $3.59
Chips $4.55
Motrin $4.50
Paper towels $3.14
Trash Bags $2.19
Napkins $1.49
Parchment paper $2.07
Straws $0.45
Ground Beef $2.68 (93% lean)
Hotdogs $1.88
Hotdog buns $1.31
Lunch Meat $2.00
Frozen fruit $3.58
Cheddar cheese $1.79
Butter $1.99 1lb
OJ $3.99
Heavy Cream $0.88
Milk $7.20 (3 gallons)
Eggs $1.82 (18)
Yogurt $3.18, $1.79, $1.49

Things I purchased that were not on my list

2 Bottles Juice $4.00 (had $1 off coupon)
Syrup $1.25 (forgot to put it on my list)
Sliced Cheese $1.99
Paper plates $1.49
Peanuts in shell $1.07
Fresh Strawberries $1.99
Whipped Topping $1.00

Total Before Coupons $132.77
Coupons used $5.70
Total OOP $127.07

If my budget was really tight and I needed to cut back, I would have not purchased the juice, peanuts, paper plates, strawberries, whipped topping, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bar, 1 bag of chips, sliced cheese and the lunch meat.
This would have saved me around $22.

The groceries listed above will last until Wednesday May 7. I won’t do a full trip next week because we will be going out of town.

I had to run to the store tonight to pick up diapers because we were totally out. This was extreme poor planning on my part because I was unable to find any deals at the last minute. I spent $29 on two mega packs of diapers and a mega container of Oxy Clean, which I needed because everyone’s clothes are stained from working in the muddy garden.

My total for this week is $146.07, which keeps me just slightly under budget.

Don’t forget to stop by Kate’s blog she has done her monthly shopping trip and has her list posted. She did a great job! Joy did her two weeks worth of shopping and came in under budget!

Thanks to everyone who is following our adventure, we are having a great time and hope you are too.


  1. Do you grocery shopping weekly or every other week? If you go weekly, what do you find to be the pro and cons in this?

  2. Patience says:

    I am trying to go grocery shopping weekly. This is my first week doing it and i liked it b/c you don’t have as long of a list, you just have a weeks worth of menu to plan, and there is much less to put away when you get home 🙂

  3. I am enjoying following you this month. I shared with Kate that I feel compelled to watch my budget this month (as I should every month) because of what you gals are doing. I did my 1st shopping trip of the month yesterday (I go 2x a month) and came in under budget – – $189 w/a budget of $200.

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