3 Moms – A Shopping Trip without Me

I made a shopping list but then my mom went to the store to buy the groceries. She shops at Publix, and doesn’t use coupons very often, but she does buy the bogos.

Here are the things she purchased. 

Duncan Hines Fudge Marble Cake $1.85

Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake  $ 1.85 (free) (BOGO)

Pillsbury Cake $1.69  

Pillsbury Cake $1.69

Bread Crumbs $1.49

Olive Oil $ 2.69

Crunchy Crunch Bran (4 boxes) $10.40

Beef Gravy  $1.49

Tomato Sauce $1.29

Pepperoni $1.79

Egg Noodles  $1.79, $1.89, $1.79 (free) (BOGO)

Shredded Mozzarella $7.89

Tortillas $2.25

Tortillas $1.79

Cantaloupe $2.99

Beef Boullion $1.89

Sour Cream $1.35

Crystal Light (2) $3.99 BOGO

Spaghetti (2) $1.79  BOGO

Strawberries (2) $4.00

Tuna (2) $1.34

Romaine Lettuce $1.49

Prego Sauce $3.29

The total was $62.36 with a savings of $14.84. I was surprised that the amount was so low. This should last until the weekend. My mom paid for the groceries, but if I had paid our total amount for the month would be about $265. 

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  1. Wow thats awesome savings!

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