3 Moms ~ Meals Day 20 and 21

Tuesday we enjoyed a fun day at Sea World. We ate cereal for breakfast at my in-laws’ house before we left.

We had a special lunch with friends at the Shark Encounter. Over the years we have found that sometimes you can find a better lunch at a theme park at some of the sit down restaurants. The Shark restaurant has been a favorite of my kids because you sit on the other side of the shark tanks and watch the sharks swim by as you eat your meal. What I like about this place is that they actually serve real food instead of junk. We all had a variety of things ranging from shrimp to salad to pasta.

For dinner the kids had cotton candy and cereal. I have no justification or explanation for this meal, although I hope to win mother of the year for letting them have cotton candy for dinner.

On Wednesday we had a eggs, waffles, and cereal for breakfast. For lunch we had our favorite, Steak and Shake, the kids usually get burgers, but I think one son had chicken tenders. For dinner my mom made shepherds pie as well as a huge Caesar salad, grilled chicken, and some biscuits. Everyone loves shepherds pie so this was a big hit. My mom made a ton so that will probably be our lunch or dinner today.

Our vacation ends today, so it will be back to real meals soon. I feel like we did a good job on this vacation of balancing real food with some treats. Usually we go way overboard on the treat side of things, but I felt like we did a good job of balancing things this time around.

We will be moving to a different house soon after our return to Maryland, so I hope to clean out my pantry and fridge when I return home.

For a bit of normalcy don’t forget to stop by Kate and Joy’s blogs to see what they are up to this week.



  1. We ate at the shark restaurant too! A very good experience, except for the rubber avacado…I guess it just wasn’t in season in February 🙂

    Have a safe trip home!

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