3 Moms: Revolt Against Store Bought Bread

Sunday morning was bacon, eggs, and toast. I used bread I purchased with a coupon and my family didn’t like it. They all asked for homemade bread.

After church my husband invited another family over for lunch. We often have people over on Sundays, but this week I hadn’t planned for it, so I had no food! I stopped at Safeway on the way home and picked up some hotdogs and buns. Lunch was hotdogs/ sausage, baked beans, macaroni and cheese (or Kraft dinner if you are from Canada), salad, and chips. It was a gorgeous day and the kids ate outside and played in the mud.

Dinner was leftovers.

Monday morning we had whole wheat pancakes and orange juice. While I was making pancakes I started beans soaking for refried beans and ground extra wheat to make bread for lunch.

Lunch was whole wheat bread with either butter, jam, honey, or peanut butter, served smoothie and cheese. This is the kids favorite lunch!

Dinner was a new favorite recipe, pork scallopini. Every once in a while I like to go all crazy and make a fancy dinner for the family. This was the night. Pork scallopini served with a side of farfalle alfredo, steamed broccoli, peas, whole wheat rolls and salad.

You might take note that even when I serve a dinner that doesn’t involve a casserole dish, I still use my pots and pans as serving dishes.

Just keeping it real….

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  1. Using pots and pans as serving dishes is something I do, too! It saves time and energy when you don’t have to wash serving dishes in addition to those pots and pans.

  2. Have you ever tried the No Kneed recipie to make bread?


    Takes a little time, but well worth it.

  3. I am the weird one.. I don’t like using pots and pans on the table.

    I get picked on about it yes, but it’s something that I like to do!

    • I’m not a fan of having pots and pans on the table either, Stephanie. When I have no desire to clean up the extra dishes, I just dish out the plates myself in the kitchen–no dishes on the table. Something about serving dishes just makes my heart go pitter-pat. 🙂

      • I have to agree! I love, LOVE LOVE my Fiesta serving dishes! Typically, however, we don’t eat “family style” and I serve everyone’s plate in the kitchen and we eat at the table with **just plates and utensils** so that if they want seconds, they have to go back to the kitchen to get them.

    • My mom always put the pots and pans on the table too, and it never bothered me then. But now I have some very simple clear glass serving bowls (oven safe too) that I prefer to use. I lived with my in-laws for about 3 months, and it drove me crazy that she would serve her food in plastic containers, when she had very nice serving dishes in the cupboard! Maybe that’s why I rebel and don’t put the pots on the table. 😉

  4. We serve most of our meals in the pots too. I save water and soap by not having to wash serving dishes. 🙂 Atleast that’s what I tell folks!

  5. Why use fancy dishes when u can have it easy. With a big family you have to cut corners sometimes. Just keep it real!

  6. HAHA – yep pots and pans quite often here as well (but we still do eat it all by candlelight.) 🙂

  7. I serve mine in pots and pans, too, unless we are having guests then I might pull some nice stuff out. Don’t want to make anymore dishes than I have to! LOL!

  8. I just leave everything on the stove and counter and let people dish it out buffet style. I hate a crowded table and our dining area is too small for me to feel comfortable having the leaf in our table. Therefore if we want room on the table without feeling crowded, they have to serve themselves at the counter!

    What bread recipe do you use? I have been wanting to make my own bread but I don’t have a bread machine or anything. I just want something that’s easy for a first-timer but tastes good!

  9. Serenity says:

    I love that you serve dinner in your cooking dishes!!!! My extended family has long teased me about not even owning serving dishes. In fact, my sis in law bought me some recently out of pity, LOL! (I’ve already broken one!)

    Any chance that during this series you will cover “what to stock your freezer with before a baby comes?”. I could really use something like that 🙂

  10. Is your recipe for bread on the blog somewhere? I’d love to have it, but I searched and didn’t come up with it.

  11. Oh yay! Glad you’ll be posting the bread recipe- You always have such yummy and quick ones. I swear by the Kaiser type roll recipe you posted about a while ago.

  12. I love your blog! I serve from my pots and pans as well.

  13. Toni – thanks for having us over – we had a great time and I loved the Kraft Dinner 🙂

  14. Even while my husband is in Afghanistan and it’s just me and two toddlers, I set the table with serving dishes.

  15. I leave the pans on the stove and just make up the plates to pass out. Why make more of a mess with serving dishes?

  16. I make homemade bread for my family too.. i’m finally at buying NO store bought bread!! Took a month to ‘wean’ my youngest 2 on homemade bread for *everything* , but I did it! I’m wondering what size your loaf pan is? Your loaf looks so long!! I have just the ‘regular’ size loaf pans…

    Here’s a pic of my bread loaves:

    Now i’m wondering if I can buy longer pans somewhere and who makes them.. thanks! 🙂

  17. I don’t blame you on the pots and pans as serving dishes, although I leave mine on the stove rather than put them on the table. We all serve ourselves buffet style from them. I see no reason to unnecessarily dirty additional dishes unless I am having company over (which is rare). As long as it’s just us, the formality is the eating together, which is more important.

  18. I want to revolt against store bought breads too but I don’t know how to make my own! I JUST invested in a bread maker but STILL don’t know how to use it!


  19. They don’t call the boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese KD in the States?
    Weird. lol. I don’t like the Kraft macaroni personally, I prefer President’s Choice (Canadian brand) White Cheddar better.

    I also learned recently that American’s use the term ‘ramen noodles’ for what we call Mr. Noodles.

  20. Your family has good tastes. When I tried serving a sandwich made with homemade bread (that was baked by someone else but still utterly delicious) they scowled and turned up their noses. They said it “smelled funny” and that it “tasted even funnier”. They are hopeless.

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