3 Moms ~ Still off Track

Wow, the week is almost over and I am still trying to get back on track with the menu plan.

Wednesday morning we had pancakes and fresh strawberries.

Lunch was sandwiches, smoothies, and my dh had a spinach salad. This smoothie had apples, bananas, strawberries, a whole orange, spinach, carrots, vanilla yogurt, orange juice, and a little milk. It was a big hit with the kids. Next time I will add a beet so it is a little pinker in color.

We had a meeting that ran late Wednesday afternoon so I threw together this nacho bake. It was a HUGE hit with everyone. I am definitely adding it to our menu rotation.

Thursday morning was eggs, bacon, and whole wheat toast. I also placed a bowl of grapes on the table for everyone to snack on throughout the day.

Lunch was macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and grapes.

I had planned to cook a turkey for dinner, but when we pulled it out of the fridge it was still frozen solid! So I pulled out two packages of steak, because I knew they would thaw quickly. Dinner was fajitas, and I served fresh pineapple and strawberries on the side.



I have been way off track this week with menu planning, but we are still eating food that is in our house so I am fine with the change of plans. Tomorrow night we will be having FREE Bruster’s ice cream, care to join us?

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  1. The nacho bake looks really good. I may give that one a try.

  2. I had a quick question about your smoothie. You mentioned adding a beet for color, and I am sure the obvious vitamins :), but would you add it in raw, peeled or cooked? I have a Vita-Mix on it’s way to me this week and we are so excited about taking our smoothies to the next level. I’d love to know what other combinations your kids like.

  3. Another question about your VitaMix–is it something you use a lot? The VitaMix road show is at our Costco this weekend and I’m so tempted to get it. (We haven’t spent the money yet my dad gave us for Christmas.) We’ve got 5 kids and make smoothies all the time and I’d love to get some extra veggies in them. Can you do a post about your machine and all the ways you use it (and recipes?) Thanks!

  4. Oooo! Do you have a receipe for the smoothies? I know most people probably don’t need one, but i’m an inexperienced cook and need all the direction i can get!

  5. It all sounds good, I’ll be right over!!! Ha! No Brusters ice cream here, but sounds fun!
    I’m behind. I didn’t make the lasagne like I was supposed to earlier in the week so I’m making it today. Hubby will like that since he’s working overtime today (Sat) and it’s his favorite meal. Guess I’d best get some salad fixings as well to go with it. Happy Weekend to you and family. Praying your hubby heals well from knee surgery.

  6. I think I’m almost ALWAYS behind and “off” on my menu plan. At least it’s a guide to go by, but wow I’m off track most of the time!

    Those strawberries look so pretty and yummy. Is it spring yet?

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