4 Food+Heat Cookbooks: Free Kindle Downloads

My friend, Joy, from Five J’s has released FOUR volumes of Food+Heat Cookbooks that are all free to download on Kindle this week!

foodplusheat meats and sauces cookbook

  • Food+Heat: Tex-Mex Favorites – is all about that special blend of traditional Mexican food adapted to the Texan palate.  Look inside to find out how to make some tasty dishes from scratch, including Restaurant Style Enchiladas (complete with homemade enchilada sauce), Seared Steak Fajitas, and yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate.
  • Food+Heat: Meats and Sauces – This volume of Food+Heat tackles the great American favorite combination of meats and sauces. Inside you’ll find meaty recipes sure to satisfy the carnivores in your family, along with savory sauces to ladle atop those meats in copious amounts. Many of the sauces will be made right alongside your meats or use the drippings left behind by your meat dishes, enhancing the delicious flavor of your dish.
  • Food+Heat: Ethnic Dishes – The American palate is influenced by flavors and ingredients from all around the world, but often our choices can be bland in comparison with traditional ethnic dishes. Sometimes we turn our nose up at something because the flavors are bold. We might think that a dish it too spicy, when in reality we’re simply not accustomed to aggressive flavors.  The dishes in this book have some of those bold flavors. Yes, some are spicy hot, but others feature spices and flavor combinations that are literally foreign to the average American taste buds.
  • Food+Heat: Veggies and Sides – No meal is complete without a tasty side dish or two, but we often scrimp and put something on the table bland and uninspired. There’s no excuse for this kind of kitchen behavior. Creating yummy side dishes only takes a little extra time. Remember, a great side dish helps an outstanding entrée taste even more impressive. Better yet, a well-crafted side dish can help make what might be an average meal into an extraordinary one.

If you don’t have a Kindle, then you can still download these free eBooks to your smart phone or computer. All you need to do is download one of Amazon’s free reading apps.

Remember that Amazon prices fluctuate constantly, so verify the price before purchasing.

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