45 School Lunch Ideas

45 School Lunch Ideas | The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer SnoWhite

After just a few weeks, lunches can become repetitive, and it can be difficult to come up with school lunch ideas.  Thinking of the meal in three parts and varying those parts can be helpful.  I’ve provided links to ideas for each part below, but I like to add a fourth part to any packed lunch.  Can you guess what it is?

45 School Lunch Ideas (The Base)

The Base

Sandwiches typically are the base of most packed lunches, but think outside the box.  All you need is a solid source of protein and carbohydrate with some healthy fat upon which to build your lunch.  Give these a try:


45 School Lunch Ideas (The Sides)

The Sides

Kids live for sides, and they can turn an ordinary lunch into a “cool” lunch.  Think of creative ways to serve fruits and veggies as side dishes, some include:


45 School Lunch Ideas (The Treat)

The Treat

Including a treat, even if it’s a healthy one, is a nice addition to a lunch.  Think beyond cookies and candy; a delicious sweet bread or muffin makes for a tasty treat.

The Note

Of course, leaving a special note for the recipient of the lunch is a must!  Think about special occasions, days that need encouragement, or ordinary days to remind your family members how special they are to you.

What are your favorite lunch packing tips?  How do you keep from getting burned out on packing lunches?  

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