Homemade Bagel Tips

I posted this homemade bagel recipe several months ago. Since posting this recipe I have discovered a tip that will make making your bagels easier and taste better. When forming the bagel shape, oil your hands with canola oil. This will make the dough extremely easy to work with. After shaping the bagel, place it on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, to rest for twenty minutes. The oil (some of which transfers on to the bagel while shaping) will make it easy to lift the bagel off the paper for boiling. The parchment paper will keep the bottom of the bagel from burning while baking.


  1. Thank you for the step by step pictures. I tried making bagels once and they turned out soggy. I may have either boiled too long or they didn’t rise enough and water got trapped in some of their creases. Either way, I am eager to try again. Thanks!~Erin

  2. Oh wow. I am amazed at some of the stuff you make. I have to say I think I am really lacking in the cooking department!!

  3. I still cannot find gluten anywhere…maybe I can order it online somewhere. I want to try these since I buy bagels every week; they are even on my dinner menu this week!

    Thanks again for the reminder!


  4. Really, your own bagels? I am so unworthy. That’s awesome.

  5. Wow – I might just have to try these! I’ve been scared off by bagels b/c I read somewhere that they’re the same as eating 7 pieces of bread. (!!!) Calories, carbs, I’m not sure how they were being compared, I just got scared off.

  6. ColleenM says:

    Can you tell me where to find the gluten? I have no idea where to look in the store. Thanks!

  7. Nice job!

    Gluten…I’ve found it at WalMart in the baking area, close to the flours- around the ground flax.

  8. Yummy! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  9. Oh YUM I may just have to make these myself. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  10. Thanks for the recipes! I tried the tortillas, my next goal was to try your chicken pot pie but now I think I’ll have to try these first!!

  11. Ohhhh! Thank you for posting this. I have always wanted to try making these. :):):):)

  12. Janet in Plano says:

    I’m from New York and couldn’t get decent bagels here in Dallas until I started making my own. Fantastic!

    I bought a 10 lb. box of poppy seeds for about $14 at a local bakery supply warehouse that will last me years, so I can indulge in my favorite bagels without spending a fortune on those tiny supermarket spice containers.

    If you’re big into baking, forget the supermarket and buy in bulk at warehouse clubs and bakery supply places. You’ll save a lot of money.

  13. I am making bagels today and wanted to thank you for your tips. I am following your instructions. I am just waiting for the dough to double.

    Thanks again.

  14. well…they are OK. I had some trouble at first. I followed the bread machine recipe…well I should I didn’t follow it and put in 1 cup of 12 grain flour and 2 cups of white flour. For some reason the bread machine went crazy during the kneading. I think I had it in wrong. So I tried to finish it by hand. It was a very heavy dough. So they didn’t turn out like the Great Canadian Bagels but I will keep trying.

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