Turkey Tacos: Bargain Meal of the Week

Bargain Meal of the Week
For great meals for less you can purchase at your local store visit $5 Dinner’s new feature, Bargain Meal of the Week. Bloggers around the country create a bargain meal based on their local store sales.

If you shop at the commissary you probably know their prices change every two weeks. Not only do sales run on a two week basis, but many of their everyday low prices change as well. Each Monday I will be posting a bargain meal, created from current commissary deals.

This meal was a little difficult since I haven’t been to the commissary in almost two weeks. Thankfully there are two resources I can use (and you can too) to find the best deals at the commissary.

Commissaries.com is a website that lists every item on sale at your local commissary. You have to be eligible to shop at the commissary and log in with your last name, social security number and birth date to view the sales. The best part of this site is that you can view your local manager specials which vary from store to store.

Military Shoppers is a site which publishes the commissary sale fliers every two weeks. It is a great way to get a quick look at the weekly specials.

The commissary is running sales on all their Mexican food this week. Most commissaries sell a pound of frozen ground turkey for around $1.19 a pound. If you don’t like ground turkey, try checking the discounted meat cooler. Almost every commissary has one and I have never had a problem with any type of meat I have purchased on clearance.

Turkey Tacos

1 lb ground turkey $1.19

Ortega Grande Hard and Soft Dinner Kit $2.64

Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce, & Fixins $2.50

Total cost $6.33

Don’t forget to print the $1.50 Yoplait Yo Plus coupon off A Full Cup website and get your yogurt four pack for only $0.09.



  1. Christie says:

    Have you ever tried lentil tacos? I discovered them this weekend and fell in love. Found a recipe on Allrecipes, but made my own by just adding salsa to leftover lentils I needed to use up. Super cheap!

  2. Perfect! I haven’t gotten a meal planned for Friday yet and last night I was just telling dh that we haven’t had good old fashioned tacos in awhile(we’ve done some vegetarian variations with black beans a lot lately). Now I’ll just have to see if our commissary has turkey this week–it’s hit or miss here. Not sure if your base does this,but ours just started family pasta night every Thursday at the “Club”. It’s decently priced so that is now going to be our fall back when I get lazy and it feels like we are going out to eat!

  3. Taco salad is one of my favorite meals. Aside from the basics, you can spice it up with what you might have on hand, or keep it simple. Great idea!

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