Blendtec Blender Review and Giveaway

I never realized how nice it was to have a good quality blender until I got a good quality blender. I thought it was normal to drink chunky smoothies and never dreamed you could make things like ice cream or soup in a blender!

When the folks at Blendtec asked if I wanted to review and giveaway one of their blenders I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I mean everyone knows the Blendtec can blend an iphone, but how about something my family likes to eat?

Since my kids drink smoothies almost every day I decided to see how the Blendtec stacked up to my current blender.

It was really important to me that the Blendtec blended the carrots and spinach into the smoothie so my kids would drink it. They don’t mind a nice serving of veggies with their breakfast as long as they don’t have to taste it.

The result? A big thumbs up from everyone.

Not only does the Blendtec make awesome smoothies, you can also cube cheese, chop nuts, chop vegetables, make powdered sugar, grind meat, crack grains, mix batters, make soup, and of course, my family’s favorite, ice cream!

The Blendtec design fits under your kitchen counter (nice!),  has a large 3 quart capacity, and BPA free jar. I love the touch pad controls which make for easy clean up.

The Blendtec has quickly become my favorite blender, and for those of you who know how much I loved my other blender that’s saying something!

But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it for yourself because I’m giving one away. Yep! I’m giving one of my readers a brand new Blendtec… Merry Christmas 3 months early!!!!!

Since this is such an awesome giveaway I’m giving you several ways to enter.

Please leave separate comments for each entry.

Giveaway ends October 2, 2012.


  1. Nice looking blender. Love to make smoothies…especially in the winter when we’re craving fresh fruit.

  2. I subscribe to your RSS feed. Thanks!

  3. Definately would make Smoothies, but I love the other possibilities with this blender!

  4. Creamy soups.

  5. Rss follower

  6. My kids love smoothies too!

  7. I follow you on google reader 🙂

  8. Our favorite thing to make in the blender is “ice cream”. Mix up some frozen bananas, yogurt, and ovaltine and the kids think they have an awesome treat!

  9. I subscribe to you via Google Reader. 🙂

  10. I’ve pinned tons of your recipes! The one I probably most frequently is the bread machine pitas on the grill. YUM!

  11. Brenda Fuentes says:

    Pesto or poppyseed salad dressing!

  12. Brenda Fuentes says:

    I subscribe.

  13. Smoothies are a favorite blender food here… veggies in the morning has never been so easy!

  14. I’m an RSS subscriber.

  15. Just pinned the bread machine pitas on the grill… so yummy!

  16. Definitely favorite food for blender is Smoothies.

  17. I love making green smoothies! Yum!

  18. Christina Gill says:

    Smoothies!! All kinds of smoothies, but I sure would love to have something to grind my meat up!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Christina in Oregon

  19. I could really use this blender. We love to make smoothies also – and milkshakes!

    We moved last year and somehow in the move I only brought the base to my blender and not the jar – I haven’t replaced it yet and am missing having a blender.

  20. Smoothies here too!

  21. I would love to have a blender to make smoothies and also ice cream!

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  23. Brenda Fuentes says:

    Pinned your Orange Chicken Stirfry

  24. I like Blendtec on Facebook.

  25. I love making banana smoothies or any fruitie smoothies but frappes are also great!

  26. Rebecca Reindel says:

    We love milkshakes!

  27. We drink lots of smoothies…and healthier versions of “Frappucinos” 🙂

  28. We love to do smoothies, and I love to make pesto in my blender!

  29. Smoothies!!!

  30. Pinned homemade English muffins!

  31. Would you believe I don’t have a blender? I’m holding out for a Blendtec. Right now I use an immersion blender. I use it mostly for homemade dressings.

  32. I love smoothies and always wanted to try soups!

  33. Signed up for your newsletter!

  34. We love to make smoothies!

  35. We like smoothies and homemade cream soups in the blender

  36. Pinned it too!

  37. I would love a Blendtec!!! We make a mountain of green smoothies in an old 70s Vitamix that I found for a steal of a deal at a yard sale. Chunky smoothies are the norm around here and I would LOVE a great blender that actually BLENDS! *fingers crossed*

  38. Smoothies, or protein shakes!

  39. My family loves to make assorted smoothies and protein shakes everyday 🙂

  40. Milkshakes/smoothies for the kids….Margaritas for ME!!!!

  41. Looking forward to trying your pumpkin crock-pot cooking method, fall can’t get here fast enough!

  42. Love making chocolate malts and smoothies in our blender.

  43. Shared via FB!

  44. I liked blendtec on facebook!

  45. Susie Styer says:

    green smoothies!!

  46. Liked Blendtec on FB

  47. Jan Johnson says:

    Smoothies are favorites of course!

  48. We would LOVE a new blender! I’m on my fourth one in four years. :\ I love to make cream soups with mine.

  49. Jan Johnson says:

    I like blendtec on Facebook !

  50. signed up for emails

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  53. I Pinned your Whole Wheat Pizza Recipe…. LOVE IT!

  54. shared this article via pinterest

  55. Smoothies by far; but I would love to make ice cream!

  56. Pinned red white and blue spinach salad! YUM!

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  58. I get RSS updates.

  59. shared zucchini muffin recipe on pinterest

  60. I like Blendtec on Facebook.

  61. I liked blendtec on Facebook 🙂

  62. We like to make milkshakes in our blender.

  63. I love to make salsa in the blender!

  64. my favorite thing to make in a blender is a margarita, lol, however, it’s mostly used for smoothies 🙂

  65. I love to make smoothies and mix pancake batter in my blender! It’s a horrible blender though!

  66. I love doing smoothies 🙂

  67. Shared the giveaway on pinterest!

  68. I haven’t had a blender in many years. I would love to have one, but want it to be a good one. A Blend-Tec blender would be great! I would like to make smoothies and milkshakes for my family.

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  70. I get the RSS feed! Love the site!

  71. I shared the link on facebook.

  72. Pinned a recipe! Yummy!

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  74. I live Blendtec on FB! I hope I win! Thanks!

  75. Smoothies and frozen drinks in the summer for picnics!

  76. Favorite foods to make in a blender… Butternut squash soup. Avocado/milk/honey smoothie. Banana/strawberry smoothie.

  77. Samantha R. says:

    Smoothies!!! 🙂

  78. Smoothies

  79. Pinned English Muffins. Love them. Until I saw it on here, it never occured to me to make them myself. Now I do a couple of times a month. Thanks!

  80. Email subscriber.

  81. Liked Blendtec on Facebook. Actually have liked the before this LOL.

  82. Pinned on pinterest

  83. I subscribed via my Facebook

  84. Smoothies and milkshakes would probably be our favorite things to make but I have never yet had a blender that would even do a good job on even the simplest things. It would be fun to experiment!

  85. Liked Blendtec on facebook.

  86. Signed up for the email newsletter!

  87. Smoothies are the number one all time blender need at our house!

  88. Smoothies and salad dressings!

  89. Shared your giveaway on Facebook!

  90. I puree veggies to add to everything for my picky eaters

  91. I love to make smoothies.

  92. Awesome giveaway!! I usually just make smoothies and crepe batter (both favorites!) in my blender, so the Blendtec would open up a whole new world!

  93. Shared on FB

  94. I pinned the english muffins recipe

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  96. I like a good smoothie, but would love a tasty margarita if the time is right!! Thanks!!

  97. Fruit smoothies

  98. Like Blendtec on FB

  99. Like Blendtec on Facebook,

  100. newsletter subscriber

  101. Smoothies arr our favorite. We sure could use this since our blender died about a month ago!

  102. My kids really enjoy “soft serve” made with frozen bananas, peanut butter, and cocoa powder. In fact, that’s how I blew out my cheapie blender just last week.

  103. I love making smoothies in the blender. Ours doesn’t do a very good job of mixing up veggies though, so we stick to fruit. Would love to try the blendtec!

  104. I follow Blendtec on facebook!

  105. I liked Blendtec on Facebook!

  106. I subscribed!

  107. Mom24jewels says:

    We enjoy making pancake batter in it, quick and easy.

  108. Mom24jewels says:

    I subscribe.

  109. We make smoothies all the time (only way to vegetables in my adopted sons diet). Also blend oatmeal to make flour for flatbread (I have 3 sons with autism/adhd so we are on the GFCF diet) which is also why we make dairy free ice cream and fruit sherbert in the blender.

  110. I get you email newletter

  111. I love pureeing various greens I grow in the garden, then making ice cubes that can be snuck into just about anything.

  112. I subscribe.

  113. Jennifer D. says:

    We love to make green smoothies!!!!!

  114. We love to make smoothies and would love to have a blendtec!

  115. I get the email newsletter!

  116. I love making strawberry banana shakes.. And a great way to sneak in flax seed to the kids 🙂

  117. I “liked” blendtec on Facebook!

  118. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  119. We love to make smoothies for breakfast or snack time!! I like to add a handful of oatmeal for fiber, but my blender doesn’t chop it up well. I bet this would work!! 🙂

  120. Subscribed 🙂

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  124. Liked Blendtec on FB! 🙂

  125. Samantha R. says:

    Shared on facebook!

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  127. We love Smoothies and milkshakes!

  128. Samantha R. says:

    I liked Blendtec on facebook

  129. I liked Blendtec on FB

  130. Liked blentec on facebook

  131. We love blended blueberry strawberry smoothies.

  132. I subscribed via RSS!

  133. Pined chicken terriyaki recipe.

  134. We make smooties and milkshakes and would love to learn how to make other
    things in our blender would love to try this.

  135. I pinned Chicken Pot Pie on the Fly! Sounds good and easy!

  136. I love making smoothies in the blender. Although I do know I need a better one than the one I have! 🙂

  137. I like to make guacamole in the blender.

  138. I love to make smoothies!

  139. Smoothies with yogurt

  140. sarah reddick says:

    Cilantro pesto Is our favorite thing to make in a blender. Then smoothies!

  141. Shared the give away

  142. following on twitter

  143. Andrea Southworth says:

    My daughter is a smoothie nut! Our blender is not very good so her SMOOTHies are sometimes a little too chunky to get through a straw!

  144. subscribed

  145. Andrea Southworth says:

    I liked Blendtec on Facebook!

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    I signed up for the Newsletter!

  147. sarah reddick says:

    I pinned Easy Stir Fry!

  148. sarah reddick says:

    I like Blendtec on Facebook.

  149. I just subscribed. Would love a new blender! 😀

  150. I love to make milkshakes in the blender.

  151. sarah reddick says:

    I am subscribed to your e-mails.

  152. Smoothies!!! They are quick, easy and yummy!

  153. I’m subscribed via Google reader…

  154. I Like Blendtec on Facebook.

  155. smoothies!

  156. I like to make smoothies

  157. i am subscribed through RSS

  158. Smoothies with kale, bananas, and yogurt!

  159. I don’t use my blender a lot, because it’s not that good. I used to use it for smoothing out my potato soup, but I have an immersion blender that does that oh-so-well. I guess the only workout my blender really gets is ice. If I had a better blender, we’d have smoothies!

  160. I like to blend beans to make refried beans, puree pumpkins for pancakes, apples for applesauce, and some occasional smoothies. Would LOVE to have a Blendtec!

  161. I love to make smoothies in my blender.

  162. We make smoothies once in awhile. But, my most used recipe is laundry soap. My current blender is on the blink, this would be a nice addition to my kitchen.

  163. I pinned Homemade Pumpkin Spice Granola.

  164. One thing we love right now is a baked potato soup with a homemade chicken broth base and oven roasted potatoes that I blend smooth. YUM! We also love smoothies, but the blender never seems able to handle ice well. : ( We are missing mango smoothies since I had to use the little bullet blender for the ice crushing capabilities and burned up the motor! : (

  165. What a cool blender! Love this.

  166. I love to make green smoothies or my own frappuchino! Tastes much better and I know what is in it!

  167. My two favorite drinks to make in the blender are a frozen hot chocolate and a barry-yogurt smoothy.

  168. Shared on Facebook.

  169. I liked BlendTec on FB.

  170. Liked Blendtec on FB.

  171. Whitney Paddock says:

    I love making smoothies for my boys and hiding veggies…I just ignore them when they ask what the green stuff is 😉

  172. I am already subscribed. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next installment of your story…..

  173. I shared, both ways.

  174. I get the newsletter!

  175. I’m a subscriber.

  176. I liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  177. Just pinned the homemade bagels recipe! Yum!

  178. I liked Blendtec on Facebook

  179. I like to make smoothies.

  180. I subscribed to the Happy Housewife newsletter

  181. I get RSS updates.

  182. We make smoothies almost everyday too, but what I REALLY need this for is grinding my wheat berries. PLEASE!! 🙂

  183. I pinned the Happy Housewife Crock Pot Sloppy Joes recipe (and some other delicious-sounding ones I’m going to try)

  184. Molly Mosby says:

    Strawberry Mango Smoothie!

  185. I shared this give away via Pinterest

  186. Molly Mosby says:

    I tweeted the giveaway @MollyMosby

  187. I shared on FB.

  188. I make my own baby food (mostly from our garden veggies) by pureeing them in the blender and freezing them in ice cube trays for later use. My 8 month old daughter is a veggie lover, through and through!

  189. Our favorite food to blend is homemade salsa.

  190. Molly Mosby says:

    Pinned your homemade bagel recipe!

  191. I get your newsletter!

  192. I already like Blendtec on FB, because I just want one so bad!

  193. Potato Soup, so yummy! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  194. Molly Mosby says:

    and I get your RSS feed

  195. Molly Mosby says:

    I have Blendtec on my tweeter feed already

  196. subscribed to rss via google reader

  197. liked blendtec on fb

  198. Right now, I’m using blender for protein shakes, blended with lots of ice to come out like a frappacino.

  199. I pinned your Chocolate Chip Honey Pumpkin Muffins, because I can’t wait to try them!

  200. Shared on Facebook

  201. My favorite blender recipe is also smoothies!

  202. Pinned Maple Oat Bread with Cinnamon Swirl

  203. Susbscribed.

  204. I shared the giveaway on pinterest.

  205. We love milkshakes in ours.

  206. I shared the giveaway on Facebook

  207. I subscribe to your newsletter

  208. “Liked” Blendtec on Facebook.

  209. I “liked” Blendtec on FB

  210. I pinned your homemade english muffin recipe on pinterest.

  211. We make LOTS of smoothies!

  212. We love milkshakes!

  213. Shared on facebook

  214. Iam an email subscriber.

  215. Salsa is my favorite thing to make in a blender.

  216. I love to make smoothies and soups in the blender, when my son was little I would even puree his baby food in our blender. Would love to see how this one works! 🙂

  217. Shared this on Facebook,

  218. I shared on facebook.

  219. I am a subscriber 🙂

  220. Dona Perkins says:

    We mainly make smoothies our blender just because it’s not AWESOME like this one is! 😉

  221. I also love making smoothies with my blender, and love adding spinach and even kale. This blender sounds AMAZEBALLS!

  222. Smoothies are my favorite to make in a blender of course! I also use it to purée cooked veggies for my little one.

  223. Dona Perkins says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  224. I love to make strawberry milk shakes in the blender!

  225. Subscribed for e mail.

  226. I get the newsletter1 And I love it.

  227. Pinned the baked buttermilk donuts with maple glaze they sound soo yummy!

  228. Liked blendtec on Facebook

  229. My blender is used mostly for smoothies and ice cream shakes.

  230. liked blendertec on Facebook!

  231. Dona Perkins says:

    I pinned the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard recipe on PInterest, but I love all your recipes. So many have become go-to favorites!

  232. Dona Perkins says:

    And I’m already subscribed to your newsletter!

  233. Subscribed to newsletter.

  234. I love to blend home grown tomatoes into a wonderful soup – perfect as the evenings get cooler!

  235. Dona Perkins says:

    Liked Blendtec on Facebook as well!

  236. Liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  237. I love to make salsa in my blender!

  238. I LOVE making protein smoothies in the morning after I work out, and especially for my little one.

  239. I use my blender to puree my butternut squash soup. It would be cool to make soup in a blender!

  240. I love making mixed drinks, after the kids go to bed of course! 😉

  241. I love to make smoothies, but my cheapo blender isn’t cutting it (haha) 🙂

  242. I pinned a recipe!

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  244. Liked Blendtec on FB!

  245. Pinned your bagel recipe

  246. shared the article on FB!

  247. RSS subscriber

  248. I’m a fan of Blentec on facebook!

  249. Our favorite reason to break out the blender is for milkshakes!

  250. We like to make smoothies in the blender.

  251. Tricia Macias says:

    I love to make fruit smoothies!

  252. Pancake batter.

  253. Tricia Macias says:

    I subscribed to the free newsletter.

  254. Tricia Macias says:

    I shared this on my FB page.

  255. Soup!!! My kids love soup but only if it’s totally smooth and they cannot see the vegetables 😀

  256. Tricia Macias says:

    I liked the Blendtec FB page.

  257. Pinned the homemade bagel recipe.

  258. Our favorite thing to make in the blender is smoothies.

  259. I love green smoothies and currently have a Kitchen Aid blender. Also, love making banana ice cream in it!

  260. I love to make smoothies in my blender.

  261. Shared on the book of faces!

  262. I get RSS updates!

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  264. Liked Blendtec on the book of faces!

  265. I signed up to receive you email newletters. I wish I had done that awhile ago!

  266. We use our blender most often for a little invention we call a Chocolate Halvah Smoothie. So nummy 🙂

  267. We like to make Wendy’s frosties.

  268. My favorite thing is milkshakes! With a good blender maybe I could make something healthier 🙂

  269. My favorite blender food is a big ol’ coffee frappe. It doesn’t necessarily agree with me later, but it’s worth it in the long run.

  270. I love making smoothies!

  271. I love making a chocolate peanut butter protein shake. Would LOVE this Blendtec!

  272. Smoothies and blender muffins (put whole grains in the blender along with the liquids) are our favorites!

  273. Elizabeth faris says:

    I love making. Fruit smoothies for me family!

  274. I shared on FB.

  275. I pinned homemade bagels! Those are sooo yummy!

  276. I pinned your Crock Pot Sloppy Joes recipe.

  277. I love to make puffy apple pancake batter in my blender! Mmmmm

  278. I liked Blendtec on fb.

  279. My favorite recipe to make with my blender is refried beans and hummus.

  280. I pinned two of the recipes; Wizard of Oz cupcakes and Navy Bean soup! Thanks!

  281. Smoothies are my favorite thing to make in the blender!!!

  282. I love to make smoothies and I make a great choc chip cookie dough dip out of chickpeas!

  283. I subscribed (via Google Reader) to the Happy Housewife RSS! Looking forward to following the posts, thanks!

  284. I pinned it!!!!

  285. I “like” Blentec on Facebook. Thanks so much!

  286. Maria Malaveci says:

    Oh Blendtec Blender, how do I love thee…? I have wanted one of these blenders for so long. I can’t actually tell you my favorite thing to make in a blender because I have never owned one. But, I can tell you what I would make in it the first time I used it. I would make Hummus! Because I love Hummus! and I love this Blender!


  287. I already get the RSS and email feeds.

  288. Maria Malaveci says:

    I shared about this giveaway on my Facebook wall.


  289. Smoothies are my favorite to make, although I have a basic blender and can’t make fancy things in it. Have always wanted one though, especially to try soups. 🙂

  290. Smoothies in the morning, soup at lunch, salsa at snack time, fresh spices at dinner and all kinds of fresh flours for the day. My little blender just can’t hang with a Blendtech.

  291. I iked Blendtec on FB.

  292. I shared the giveaway link on FB.

  293. Smoothies are my favorite thing to make in the blender, but also soup.

  294. Smoothies and milkshakes are a favorite in our home!

  295. Maria Malaveci says:

    Joined the free email newsletter


  296. Maria Malaveci says:

    Like Blendtec on Facebook and Twitter


  297. Maria Malaveci says:

    Pinned my favorite recipe!


  298. I would make green smoothies! YUM.

  299. Lisa Mather says:

    Smoothies and milkshakes are definitely a bit hit in our home. I’d love to do more veggie smoothies, so this would be a nice edition!

  300. Rebekah Shaver says:

    Without a DOUBT my favorite thing to make in a blender is SMOOTHIES!!! I like to freeze the bananas, add berries, greek yogurt, ice, and O.J. DELICIOUS!!

  301. Green smoothies are our favorites!!

  302. Rebekah Shaver says:

    I shared this giveaway on pinterest.

  303. Rebekah Shaver says:

    I pinned Salmon Burgers! We LOVE them, even my PICKY 3 year old!!

  304. Rebekah Shaver says:

    Here is the link to the Salmon Burger pin

  305. Rebekah Shaver says:

    I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  306. Rebekah Shaver says:

    I like Blendtec on FB! Rebekah Sue Shaver

  307. Smoothies in our blender are our favorite, but we end up with chunky smoothies because our blender isn’t the best. Would love a Blendtec!

  308. Shared on Facebook. =)

  309. Smoothies of all kinds!

  310. Kelly Walker says:

    I shared on Twitter!

  311. My kids love smoothies (although ours are usually left quite chunky!) Bet they would love smooth smoothies! 🙂

  312. Pinned your Zucchini Muffins recipe. Looks delicious!!

  313. Already receive your emails!

  314. Kelly Walker says:

    I am a Facebook fan!

  315. Liked Blendtec on Facebook

  316. Subscribed to the newsletter. =)

  317. Like Blendtec on Facebook.

  318. Our family makes smoothies all the time too.

  319. I am an email subscriber

  320. I like Blendtec on FB

  321. I love smoothies!!

  322. I hit the like button making me the 123rd person to like it!

  323. We love making smoothies in our blender! Chocolate Almond is our favorite!! 🙂

  324. I signed up for your newsletter. I think we are kindred spirits in many ways so looking forward to your wisdom!!!

  325. I shared via the FB button!

  326. I shared via the Pinterest button!

  327. My favorite thing to make in a blender would be smoothies

  328. I have pinned this giveaway 🙂

  329. I subscribed to the newsletter via email. 🙂

  330. I pinned your homemade bagels – yum!

  331. We make smoothies all the time in the blender

  332. I liked blendtec on FB.

  333. I shared it on facebook

  334. I pinned the grilled salmon recipe. Can we enter the different things more than once?

  335. I did all of the above!

  336. We love making milkshakes in our blender.

  337. I’m an email subscriber

  338. We make lots and lots of smoothies. We are on our 4th blender.

  339. I love making smoothies! I blend coconut milk, almonds, cocoa powder, banana, and stevia for a protein packed snack or breakfast.

  340. I pinned the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard

  341. I get RSS updates

  342. My main stay with my blender and something my current blender struggles with is high protein pancake batter. It’s a mixture of whole rolled oats, egg white, and cottage cheese, with some agave nectar, vanilla, and cinnamon. It’s always a struggle to try to make it smooth like pancake batter should be, but as my current blender was a wedding gift and hasn’t died yet, I persevere with having to take the lid off multiple times and “mix” the batter. Oh well!!

  343. I liked Blendtec on facebook

  344. I love using my blender to make homemade baby food.

  345. We love to make smoothies in our blender!

  346. I like to make soft ice cream using only frozen fruit and just about a tablespoon of juice if necessary. Banana is my favorite. YUM

  347. I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  348. I pinned Beef Stroganoff without mushrooms

  349. I pinned your s’more muffin recipe.

  350. I subscribe to your email newsletter

  351. I get your emails as well, and have for a year or so now.

  352. I like Blendtec on Facebook

  353. I also liked Blendtec on FB. Thank you.

  354. I pinned your Salmon Turnovers… it’s been a favorite in our house for a very long time! 🙂

  355. I just shared the giveaway on FB.

  356. Tricia Webster says:

    I enjoy making smoothies in my blender!

  357. I already follow your blog via Google Reader

  358. Love smoothies in a blender… yum. 🙂

  359. I now follow Blendtec on twitter!

  360. Definitely love the smoothies in our home. Would love to make ice cream.

  361. I shared the giveaway on Twitter!

  362. I Joined the free email newsletter

  363. I both Like Blendtec on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

  364. I like to use a blender for salad dressings and crepe batter. This one sounds like it could do a lot more than that!

  365. I’d like to say something ore creative, but you really can’t beat a smoothie! Something heavenly happens when blend tangy yogurt and pineapple!

  366. It would have to be smoothies…. We love them and I agree with your kids – I like veggies in smoothies as long as I can’t taste them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  367. Tim Vandenbark says:

    Need a new blender and this one looks fabulous! Liked on Facebook

  368. I receive updates!

  369. I love to make smoothies in my cheap blender!

  370. Blending the cooked down apples to can applesauce is wonderful to do with the blender… skins and all.

  371. Shared on fb!

  372. Smoothies for sure!

  373. Pinned yummy bake oatmeal.

  374. I liked Blendtec on FB

  375. Get RSS Updates

  376. Only with I could “Love” it by I did in fact “Like” Blendtec on fb.

  377. Smoothies with kale is my very favorite.

  378. We’d LOVE to make smoothies but are 4 year old other brand blender can’t seem to cut it or shall i say “blend” it! Hence why we need a Blendtec! 😉

  379. We’d LOVE to make smoothies but are 4 year old other brand blender can’t seem to cut it or shall i say “blend” it! Hence why we need a Blendtec! 😉

  380. I make smoothies a couple times a week. I recently mixed the batter for popovers in my blender.

  381. I liked Blendtec on FB!

  382. Smoothies for my kids and margaritas for the grownups!

  383. Baby food is the main thing I make right now. We do make smoothies as well.

  384. I follow you in rss!

  385. I get updates by RSS Feed!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Sauces and Smoothies…they are the only way some of my kiddos get GREEN VEGGIES (:

  387. Heather Abbott says:

    My favorite thing to make in the blender is margaritas and salsa.

  388. We’re like you; we love making smoothies in our very old, usually-on-the-fritz blender. Thanks for the chance to win!

  389. Smoothies or a blended black bean soup

  390. I liked Blendtec on FB

  391. I shared this post on FB…

  392. I receive your newsletter

  393. Smoothies – and I grind my grain because I don’t have a grain grinder.

  394. I subscribe to your newsletter

  395. I like making so many things in the blender–smoothies, dips, spreads. I would love to make soup, but my blender is not a Blendtec. 🙂

  396. Shared on Facebook

  397. I like Blendtec on Facebook

  398. I absolutely love making green smoothies in the blender. Mix two cups organic spinach, five whole organic frozen strawberries, one cup coconut water, three ice cubes and a handful of organic blueberries (optional, will change color of smoothie). Blend together and enjoy 🙂

    I drink these for lunch most days!

  399. Gail Cavins says:

    I love to make salsa in my blender, would love to give a blendtec a whirl!!!! 😉

  400. I pinned crockpot chipotle beef. Sure wish this was for dinner tonight 😉

  401. I really like to make green smoothies. I add about 2 cups spinach or kale, 1-2 peeled kiwis, 2-3 strawberries, 1 peeled oranges, 1 banana, plain greek yogurt and ice. Coconut cream is also good to make it creamy if I’m out of yogurt. Sometimes I’ll add blueberries or mango instead of strawberries and if I have some mint I add that too. I would love a good blender to make my smoothies!

  402. Smoothies of course! Whip up salsa sometimes when I’m to lazy to cut everything.

  403. Smoothies!

  404. I subscribe via google reader.

  405. I love to make green smoothies & mushroom soup using my blender.

  406. Shared this giveaway on Pinterest

  407. I like blendtec on Facebook

  408. I like to make milkshakes!! But anymore, we normally do smoothies–much healthier and enough in similarity to make me pretty happy. I also like to make Frappuccinos! YUM!

  409. Smoothies for everyone

  410. I already subscribe to the newsletter! Enjoy reading your updates!

  411. I liked Blendtec on Facebook! 🙂

  412. I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  413. I pinned the recipe for Easy No-Rise Cinnamon Rolls. Can’t wait to try them!

  414. Katelin Klug says:

    We love smoothies!

  415. Katelin Klug says:

    I shared the giveaway via facebook.

  416. Katelin Klug says:

    I pinned your ice cream cake recipe. YUMMY!

  417. Breakfast smoothies! I’ve started making green smoothies every morning and LOVE them. I would love to be able to chop vegetables without chunks haha 🙂

  418. Katelin Klug says:

    Subscribed to your newsletters and RSS feed

  419. Katelin Klug says:

    I ‘like’ blendtec on facebook

  420. Homemade pesto!

  421. We like to make hummus in the blender.

  422. I subscribe by email. 🙂

  423. I liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  424. I love making smoothies for breakfast!

  425. Facebooked it!

  426. This is on my Christmas list! I love making fruit/green smoothies – it would be so much better in a blendtec!

  427. Subscribed by email!

  428. I liked the page on facebook, too! Thanks!

  429. Milkshakes are my favorite in the blender

  430. Smoothies!

  431. Shared on facebbok

  432. I love making black bean pesto in my blender. Sounds weird, but tastes great–black beans, cilantro, and your favorite salsa, blended into a smooth, creamy dip for chips or veggies.

  433. I shared on Facebook.

  434. Subscribed via email to newsletter

  435. I subscribe via RSS.

  436. Pinned your Muffin recipe

  437. I “like” Blendtec on Facebook.

  438. I love to surprise my husband with his favorite blender recipe – strawberry limeade slushies 🙂

  439. I follow your RSS feed!

  440. I liked blendtec on facebook.

  441. My favorite food to make in a blender is frappuccinos! (Actually my son makes them.) But I desperately want a blender in which I could make ice cream.

  442. Shared on FB

  443. I pinned your “fried” ice cream recipe.

  444. I shared this on Twitter for Entry #2:

  445. Smoothies are the best for my family.

  446. I follow via RSS feed.

  447. My favorite thing to make in a blender is a smoothie, but with THIS blender, I’d be excited to try making flour and all the other cool possibilities that are out there! winterwrens at gmail dot com

  448. I pinned my favorite The Happy Housewife recipe, Crockpot Berry Cobbler on Pinterest for Entry #3:

  449. Subscribed via email. winterwrens at gmail dot com

  450. Just this morning I was attempting to make a smoothie, and the kale wasn’t blended enough. I need a better blender!
    –Gena at

  451. We love smoothies here the most but I also like to use it for soups :-)0

  452. Stumbled your post.
    –Gena at

  453. I have subscribed to The Happy Hosuewife RSS updates on Google Reader for Entry #4:

  454. And finally, for Entry #5, I “like” Bendtec on Facebook:
    I hope one of my 5 entries wins!!!!! 🙂

  455. I pinned your spinach smoothie recipe.
    –Gena at

  456. I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.
    –Gena at

  457. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.
    –Gena at

  458. My favorite thing to make in a blender is my version o Natures Table Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie and Split Pea Soup

  459. I shared this on my Facebook page

  460. I pinned your Brown sugar Cinnamon muffins. They are my kids avorite and I make them at least once a week 🙂

  461. I follow you through your weekly email newsletter and FB stream

  462. I followed BlendTec on FB

  463. Dana Hilron says:

    I love a good milk shake!

  464. Dana Hilron says:

    I folled blend tec on FB

  465. Dana Hilron says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB

  466. Smoothies, of course. My girls love them! I recently broke my blender. 🙁

  467. Dana Hilron says:

    I pinned a Recipie and I am already a subscriber!

  468. Sheila Laurence says:

    My favorite would be milkshakes or smoothies.

  469. Pinned Stuffed Zucchini recipe

  470. Strawberry banana smoothies! Yum!

  471. Shared on facebook.

  472. I get daily emails and follow you on facebook. 🙂

  473. Pinned “re-fried beans” and followed on Pinterest. Yum!

  474. I “liked” Blendtec on Facebook. I plan on going to the website too!

  475. We love to make crepe batter in our blender!

  476. I love making smoothies and shakes in the blender. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  477. Milkshakes and smoothies

  478. Your newsletter will start arriving in my inbox!

  479. I love making chocolate milkshakes in my blender!

  480. I am an email subscriber of yours. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  481. I am a facebook fan of Blendtec. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  482. Liked blendtec on fb

  483. I love making fruit smoothies in my blender

  484. We like to make smoothies in the blender.

  485. I receive your email newsletter.

  486. I shared this giveaway on facebook!

  487. I pinned the $18,000 cookie recipe. Now, I’ve got to go make it! 🙂

  488. I liked Blendtec on facebook!

  489. I love making smoothies

  490. I joined the email newsletter.

  491. I subscribe by email

  492. I “liked” Blendtec

  493. The CrockPot Salsa Chicken looks yummy. I pinned the recipe.

  494. We love to make healthy smoothies. My little one s would be so happy if mommy had this blender !

  495. My favorite thing to make in a blender is smoothies!

  496. posted to facebook!

  497. pinned the tortilla recipe!!!

  498. I love smoothies!

  499. Smoothies and pesto!

  500. I “liked” blendtec

  501. signed up for the newsletter!

  502. I like Blendtec on Facebook

  503. I shared it on Facebook!

  504. Liked Blendtec on FB!

  505. I pinned the sausage and rice recipe!!

  506. I pinned tirimasu pound cake

  507. Mary Johnson says:

    I would make smoothies.

  508. Mary Johnson says:

    I subscribe by e-mail.

  509. Carina Jiminez says:

    Banana Split Smoothie!

  510. I make smoothies almost every day too! I usually use oj, mixed frozen fruit, organic yogurt, and sometimes a protein powder. I hate how when you blend it with ice it either disappears or is in large chunks, a nice blender sure would help!

  511. My favorite food to make in a blender are green smoothies.

  512. I love making fruit smoothies and raw soup!

  513. I love to use my blender for soups.

  514. I pinned the Chocolate Chip Honey Pumpkin Muffin recipe.

  515. I subscribe by email.

  516. Krista White says:

    My favorite food to make in a blender is pancakes.

  517. Krista White says:

    I shared on my Facebook page

  518. Krista White says:

    I subscribe to the email updates

  519. Krista White says:

    I’ve pinned lots of your recipes already – how about Lemon Poppy Seed bread.

  520. Krista White says:

    I liked Blendtec on FB.

  521. I pinned the Twice Baked potato casserole. Can’t wait to try!

  522. It’s smoothies for me, too! I have one for lunch almost every day. 🙂

  523. Smoothies are definitely my favorite thing to make in a blender! A Blendtec would be awesome.

  524. I liked the Blendtec page on Facebook!

  525. Julie, momto7 says:

    I would LOVE to make great smoothies – thanks for the giveaway!

  526. Julie, momto7 says:

    Shared article on FB

  527. Julie, momto7 says:

    Pinned homemade tortillas – YUM!

  528. Julie, momto7 says:

    now following Blendtec on Twitter

  529. Julie, momto7 says:

    Already got you on my RSS feed through Google Reader

  530. I recently made blueberry butter using the blender and it was very good. We also make smoothies.

  531. I Like Blendtec on Facebook. Jamie L. H.

  532. Nicole Larsen says:

    I love making strawberry banana smoothies!

  533. Nicole Larsen says:

    I “LIKE” Blendtec on fb (Nicole Larsen)

  534. I receive Happy House Wife Emails updates

  535. I signed up to receive your newsletter.

  536. Nicole Larsen says:
  537. Nicole Larsen says:

    I subscribe via email

  538. I like Blendtec on Facebook

  539. I like to use my blender to make soups like butternut squash.

  540. I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  541. Angela Bean says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter.

  542. Angela Bean says:

    I like to make spinach smoothies in the blender. I love to watch the BlendTec videos with my kids!

  543. I love making simple things like smoothies

  544. I like Blendtec on facebook!

  545. I’m following you via rss!

  546. I just pinned your Crock Pot Berry Cobbler, it looks delicious!

  547. I hope I win! We love smoothies and our blender probably isn’t going to make it much longer!

  548. I love my chocolate protein shakes.

  549. I pinned the crock pot french dip sandwiches. These are so good!

  550. I like to make soups in the blender. Just this week made one with butternut squash!

  551. I love smoothies, with a little bit a fire water mixed in.

  552. Crystal Nichols says:

    I like to make smoothies and milk shakes in my blender.

  553. Ok, did everything required for all 5 entries!

  554. I subscribe through a reader.

  555. Renee Luebeck says:

    I ususally use my blender for pureeing butternut squash soup. I used to make smoothies, but my blender is so noisy it causes my kiddos to cry, so I don’t use it often anymore. Is this one on the quiet side?

  556. We love milk shakes and smoothies

  557. I get your daily emails

  558. I love making healthy smoothies!!

  559. I pinned your Homemade English Muffins recipe. Sounds delish!!

  560. I already liked Blendtec on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

  561. I’m an email subscriber:)

  562. I liked Blentec on Facebook

  563. We love smoothies, but I’d love to add veggies and also try nut butters.

  564. I love to make crepe batter and smoothies!

  565. I subscribe via rss

  566. favorite food in a blender? smoothies for sure, but creating a soft serve ice cream type substance from a frozen banana comes to a close 2nd

  567. shared with facebook

  568. like blendtec on facebook

  569. I get RSS updates

  570. Kevin Taylor says:

    I love making breakfast smoothies in the morning. I use carnation instant breakfast and frozen bananas. I am using a stick blender because I don’t have a Blendtec. This is where you come in….

  571. pinned ‘fried ice cream’ (all this talk of smoothies & ice cream – now I want some) 🙂

  572. I make smoothies all the time for my girls.

  573. I’d love to have a good blender for smoothies!

  574. I pinned your chicken tetrazzini, baked bruschetta chicken, rice and beans stuffed peppers, and spaghetti pie awhile ago (and I’m sure there were others but those were the first ones I came across when I checked pinterest). The chicken tetrazzini and spaghetti pie are two of our favorites.

  575. I pinned your English Muffin recipe!

  576. I get RSS updates

  577. Renee Richardson says:

    I love making fresh fruit smoothies. Thanks for the incredible giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  578. I liked Blendtec on FB

  579. Renee Richardson says:

    I like Blendtec on Facebook
    Username: Fatty Bumpkins

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  580. I “like” Blendtec on Facebook

  581. Favorite food in a blender is milkshakes!

  582. Renee Richardson says:

    I pinned your Chili Pie recipe:

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  583. I like to make pesto in my blender. I also like green smoothies. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Blendtec! I would love one!

    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  584. I like Blendtec on FB.

    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  585. I subscribe via email!
    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  586. I shared on facebook.
    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  587. Katie Brooks says:

    Love blenders for smoothies. Having one that could actually blend up ice would be great 😉

  588. We love making green smoothies and chocolate peanut butter banana shakes!

  589. Liked Blendtec on Facebook!

  590. Subscribed to email

  591. I ‘liked’ Blendtec on FB!

  592. Smoothies and pancake batter!

  593. I pinned pear muffins!

  594. Laurie Williams says:

    Shakes&Smoothies 🙂 ~yum~ Entry#1

  595. I shared on FB.

  596. I signed up for RSS updates.

  597. Laurie Williams says:
  598. Laurie Williams says:

    #3 My favorite: French Dip Sandwich

  599. Stephanie Barlow says:

    I love a classic strawberry peach smoothie

  600. Laurie Williams says:

    #4 Subscribed

  601. Laurie Williams says:

    #5 Liked Blendtec

  602. Margriet N. says:

    We love making healthy smoothies almost daily in our home!

  603. Margriet N. says:

    I get your daily emails as well.

  604. Tammy Ramsey says:

    I would love to have a blendtec to make smoothies and soups in.

  605. MB Treadway says:

    My new and favorite thing for breakfast is a fruit and yogurt smoothie. I’d love to try making one in a Blendtec! 🙂

  606. Kimmy Jenkins says:

    I pinned a recipe and I would surely love to win one of these!

  607. Erin Jessen says:

    My favorite thing to make in the blender is malts! Chocolate malts with extra malt! We also use it a lot for spaghetti sauce and smoothies.

  608. Erin Jessen says:

    I liked Blendtec on Facebook!

  609. Erin Jessen says:

    Signed up for the newsletter!

  610. I love making green smoothies. Spinach or kale, with as many other fruits/veggies I can fit in my blender and ice.

  611. My favorite thing to make is smoothies.

  612. jenny Dallio says:

    I love making limeades in the blender. A couple limes cut in quarters, about 6-8 cups water and 1/2 cup sugar. Yummo!

  613. My favorite thing to make is chocolate banana smoothies!

  614. Shared the giveaway

  615. Debbie Adams says:

    We love to make smoothies.

  616. Pinned mocha banana muffins

  617. Debbie Adams says:

    I have signed up for your newsletter.

  618. Debbie Adams says:

    I have liked blentec on facebook.

  619. We love smoothies in the blender.

  620. Debbie Adams says:

    I have pinned the homemade salsa.

  621. I love fruit smoothies!

  622. Tweeted!

  623. Liked Blendtec on Facebook

  624. Signed up for email newsletter

  625. I like to use my bleder to make smoothies for my children. I also like making my pesto sauce

  626. I am suscribed to the e-mails

  627. Please enter me. You have no idea how desperately I need one of these! Thank you!

  628. I just subscribed to the RSS in Google Reader!

  629. Subscribed.

  630. I pinned your pumpkin donut recipe to try soon!

  631. pinned.

  632. We love to make smoothies in blenders!

  633. I love making a good smoothie!

  634. I pinned the Baked Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal recipe! Yum!

  635. I subscribed to get RSS updated through Google Reader.

  636. I like Blendtec on Facebook!

  637. I love to make Hummus in the blender. Yum!

  638. I love to make smoothies with my blender, but it would be great to have a blendtec.

  639. I liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  640. We love to make smoothies! I’d love to win….our blender just broke yesterday!

  641. I am a subscriber.

  642. Just liked them on Facebook!

  643. I am a subscriber to your newsletter.

  644. I pinned your Pumpkin Donut recipe.

  645. My favorite thing to make in a blender is my Raspberry Jello recipe. I dissolve the jello in it first with
    2 cups of hot water and then I add an 8 ounce pkg. of cream cheese to the jello mixture and puree until it
    is combined. When this part of the recipe is done in a blender it is almost mess free!!!!

  646. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I love making milkshakes!!

  647. Stefanie Gladden says:
  648. Stefanie Gladden says:

    pinned baked spaghetti w/homemade sauce –

  649. Stefanie Gladden says:

    signed up for email updates

  650. Stefanie Gladden says:

    liked blendtec on facebook – ann lyfe

  651. My favorite thing to make in a blender is a yummy smoothie!!!

  652. I shared this giveaway on facebook 🙂

  653. I pinned your crock pot salsa chicken recipe. Looks so yummy!

  654. I subscribe via RSS 🙂

  655. I liked Blendtec on facebook. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

  656. Favorite? Good ol’ smoothies!

  657. I follow Blendtec on twitter (@channynn).

  658. Following you via RSS feed!

  659. I pinned your Navy Bean Soup here:

  660. We make smoothies everyday in our archaic blender…and nightly milkshake for my teenaged boy 🙂

  661. Shared on FB

  662. Pinned contest to pinterest board :

  663. Sneaking in Veggies sounds like a great trick to add to the repertoire….

  664. Liked on FB

  665. My fave happy housewife recipe:

  666. I like blendtec on FB

  667. I am subscribed to your emails 🙂

  668. Isabel Silverman says:

    I just made olive tapenade in my old blender, would LOVe a blendtec to make it smoother, not so chunky….

  669. Isabel Silverman says:

    Liked on FB

  670. Isabel Silverman says:

    Signed up for newsletter

  671. i already subscribe to your RSS feed!

  672. i shared this post on facebook.

  673. i “liked” blendtec on facebook. i wonder if they share recipes…. i hope so!

  674. I drink a smoothie everyday. I would prefer to use frozen bananas but my blender struggles with them. If the Blendtec can blend an iPhone then I suppose a frozen banana is no problem!

  675. I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  676. Mary Winters says:

    I liked Blendtec on FB

  677. Mary Winters says:

    Shared on FB

  678. Cris Kaster says:

    Pinned this!

  679. Cris Kaster says:

    Smoothies with protein and fruit/ veggies!

  680. Cris Kaster says:

    Liked Blendtec on facebook

  681. Mary Winters says:

    Registered for online newsletter

  682. My favorite thing to make in my blender would have to be homemade frappucinos!

  683. Sherry Lochner says:

    I love to make smoothies or blending my tomato soup.

  684. I liked Blendtec on Facebook. 🙂

  685. My favorite veggies to blend are carrots, celery, radish, with one apple.

  686. Christina Karr says:

    I shared on my fb

  687. My kids love smoothies, this would be great! Oh and I shared too 🙂

  688. Sherry Lochner says:
  689. I subscribed to your email newsletter. 🙂

  690. I love making smoothies in blenders!

  691. Shared on facebook. 🙂

  692. Danielle Wilkinson says:

    My favorite food to make in the blender is smoothies!!!!

  693. Sherry Lochner says:
  694. I love making salsa in the blender!

  695. I love to make smoothies in the blender 🙂

  696. I am following Blendtec on Twitter

  697. I like Blendtec on FB.

  698. I liked Blendtec on Facebook

  699. Sherry Lochner says:

    I am subscribed via email sherry717(at)yahoo(dot)com

  700. I joined your newsletter list.

  701. Sherry Lochner says:

    I like Blendtec on Facebook.

  702. I pinned my favorite recipe.


  704. I love to make tomato soup in my blender. My husband, however, prefers when I make milkshakes (of course!)

  705. I shared this post.

  706. My favorite food to make in a blender is a green smoothie.

  707. My favorite thing to make in a blender is soup!

  708. # 2 I PIN IT 😉

  709. I pinned your cheddar Potato soup recipe.

  710. shared your giveaway on facebook

  711. Broccoli cheddar soup is my fav blender recipe

  712. #3 I TWEET IT 🙂

  713. signed up for your newsletter.

  714. Lori CorbyBrown says:

    I make smoothies for my kids and I juice our beginning abundance of veggies and fruit 🙂

  715. liked blendtec on fb

  716. Pinned the recipe for Salsa Chicken at

  717. Liked Blendtec on facebook.

  718. I pinned the Vegetable Lasagna recipe to my “to eat” board.

  719. Shared on my FB!

  720. I subscribe to email newsletters

  721. I liked Blendtec on FB!

  722. following blendtec on twitter as @MrsN2B

  723. I follow Blendtec on twitter. (@christinemary)

  724. pinned your whole wheat corn waffles!!

  725. Lori CorbyBrown says:

    tweeted (@oneladielibra), liked, subscribed, and just loving this. 🙂

  726. I have a recipe for a blender coconut pie….that has to be my fav thing to make in a blender. But most often, it’s just smoothies for me.

  727. Shared on FB

  728. Lori CorbyBrown says:
  729. Just pinned Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake! YUM-O!

  730. I love the Impossible Blender Pie. It’s like custard but so much easier.

  731. Pinned basic muffin recipe.

  732. Subscribed to The Happy Housewife RSS feeds!

  733. Liked Blendtec on Facebook

  734. Liked Blendtec on Facebook!

  735. Followed Blendtec on twitter.

  736. Melissa Witte says:

    Smoothies and soups

  737. Shared giveaway fb/twitter.

  738. Subscribed to newsletter

  739. Melissa Witte says:

    Like Blendtec on FB

  740. Subscribed to newsletter.

  741. Dedra Scott says:

    I love to make milkshakes and smoothies in my blender.

  742. Melissa Witte says:

    Subscribe to the newsletter

  743. My favorite to make in a blender is smoothies and mashed cauliflower.

  744. We love to make milkshakes in the blender!

  745. Pinned the Monte Cristo Sandwich

  746. I love to blend smoothies, but green smoothies are a no go in my current blender — it can’t get it smooth enough. And getting my family to eat veggies is a constant struggle. Oh how this would make that challenge so much easier!

  747. Dedra Scott says:

    I receive your daily emails.

  748. Pinned your Buckeye recipe.

  749. Melissa Witte says:

    Pinned Oatmeal pancake recipe on pinterest.

  750. Dedra Scott says:

    I liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  751. Sharon Watson says:

    Smoothies! 🙂

  752. Signed up for email newsletter.

  753. I liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  754. I shared on facebook!

  755. Fruit smoothies!

  756. Rita Tennefoss says:

    We love our smoothies! 🙂

  757. Rita Tennefoss says:

    Shared on FB 🙂

  758. Kiki Bacaro says:

    Ice scream! Especially odd flavor combos like vanilla and spinach!

  759. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I’ve shared on facebook!

  760. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter

  761. Connie Stuhr says:

    Weight Watchers chocolate smoothie mix, some ice, water or cold coffe, and coconut extract. Yummy, tastes like a mounds candy bar.

  762. Kiki Bacaro says:

    Liked them on facebook

  763. Connie Stuhr says:

    pinned the Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Granola!

  764. Connie Stuhr says:

    Shared the giveaway!!

  765. I liked Blentec on facebook

  766. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I pinned the crockpot bbq pork recipe on my pinterest!

  767. Our favorite blender would have to be green & fruit smoothies!

  768. Our family has enjoyed making your Homemade English Muffins ! Your Baked Banana Split Oatmeal is delicious too!

  769. Connie Stuhr says:

    Subsribed to email

  770. Connie Stuhr says:

    liked Blendtec on Facebook.

  771. I pinned the pumpkin granola recipe!

  772. I joined your newsletter!

  773. I love to make freezer jam in my blender.

  774. I would LOVE to win this, my current blender is on the outs and I miss my drinks and smoothies!

  775. I shared this giveaway

  776. Our family LOVES to make green smoothies and “milkshakes”. The milkshakes are actually protein powder mixed with other fruits, but they taste so good, my kids called them milkshakes;-)

  777. I joined the free email newsletter

  778. I lliked Blendtec on Facebook

  779. I pinned tuna casserole

  780. Jen Dattilo says:

    I LOVE making smoothies!

  781. Jen Dattilo says:

    I signed up for your emails and I can’t wait!

  782. Jen Dattilo says:

    I shared this on facebook!

  783. Jen Dattilo says:

    I liked Blendtec on facebook!

  784. Jen Dattilo says:

    I pinned the chicken teriyaki recipe. It’s what I’m making for dinner tomorrow night!

  785. I shared on Facebook and would LOVE to win!

  786. I love making Smoothies in a blender and would love it even better if I could add veggies that could be chopped up really fine so my son wouldn’t even notice it. He’s a little tricky when it comes to eating veggies!

  787. I like Blendtec on Facebook

  788. I love to make smoothies!

  789. Gazpacho!

  790. I get your email newsletter.

  791. I like Blentec on Facebook.

  792. I like Blendtec on Facebook.

  793. Nicole Starr says:

    I usually make smoothies in the blender, when we have one. But I also like to make frozen strawberry daiquiris.

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    10750coupons at gmail dot com

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  933. I love to make smoothies and milkshakes in my blender. That’s all its good for, and it’s not even very good at doing that… 🙂

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