Bread Machine Disaster

I love my bread machine. Although I don’t use the baking cycle very often, I use it for dough almost daily. Every once in a while the dough will get a mind of its own and explode in the bread machine.

The best way to clean up a dough mess is to wait it out. At first I tried wiping it off with a rag, then scraping it off with a dull knife, but it took forever and I wasn’t getting much dough off of the machine.

I decided to take a break from my cleaning and when I came back much of the dough had become stiff and and I was able to wipe it off with ease. I cleaned off what I could and then waited for more dough to dry. I was able to get all the dough off the machine and then used a vacuum to suck out all of the crumbs.

It did take a full day for all the dough to dry out but it saved me a ton of work time because it came right off when I cleaned it.

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  1. That’s just one reason I don’t use a bread machine anymore. LOL!

    It happened to me enough times that I started spraying the inside of the lid with non-stick spray with each loaf I made.

  2. Wow — I didn’t know that this happened to other people too! It doesn’t happen to me as bad as yours did in the picture, but it’s annoying none-the-less. That is one thing that stops me from using it more. Well — except I have been making bread from the Artisan bread book more, so that’s probably it too.

  3. What a disaster! Thanks for the tip…I hope that never happens to me, though!

  4. Bread machines have always confused me. I go the old fashioned route and buy bread at the store LOL! (Kidding, I do make it by hand sometimes.)

  5. This looks terrifyingly familiar.

  6. I only use my bread machine for the dough cycle also but haven’t had that disaster yet. But I have learned to let the residue from the container dry and then just wipe out ,other than that it’s a gooey mess lol. Great job.

  7. Oh man, what a mess!! Glad it came off easy enough in the end!

  8. LOL! What a mess! Soooo far I haven’t had that happen to me with dough! I guess I need to keep more of a close eye on it. 🙂

  9. Now that was a messy tackle it Tuesday! I am sure it may show up again on some future Tuesday. Good Job! I am tackling my freezer, which I bet is smaller than anyone elses freezer! Come and see!

  10. What a mess- glad you got it all cleaned up. I have to say I just love all your ideas and tidbits you give us!!

  11. Hi Happy,
    That looks awful! Glad it turned out okay, a little patience goes a long way.

  12. Thanks for the tips! My best friend just gave me her old bread machine. I am sure to need this later!

  13. I am just researching bread machines. The local thrift store has a few for $8 a piece. Hard to pass that up. Thanks for the tip. Of all people, *I* will probably need it. Often. 🙂

  14. Gasp! Mine hasn’t done that to me yet (thankfully). But I’ve only used it twice LOL. Thanks for the tip if/when this DOES happen.

  15. You go girl! Great tackle! 😀

    I’m tackling My Bucket List and a great giveaway. Pop on over to check it out:

    Today was Kiss the Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

  16. Oh man what a mess, I would have cried LOL But you did an awesome job tackling it 🙂

  17. My bread exploded also, the paddle was struggling to turn so I added more water, it splashed everywhere and baked on. Now I can’t get it off the walls. Been cleaning it off and on all day????

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