Bull’s Eyes

Bull's Eyes at The Happy Housewife

Bull’s Eyes

This twist on egg and toast makes a great breakfast, lunch or snack. Healthy (if you are using whole grain bread) and full of protein, this recipe even works great with somewhat stale bread.


  • Bread
  • Egg
  • Butter


  1. Melt butter in hot skillet or griddle.
  2. Cut a circle (or other fun shape) out of the center of the bread.
  3. Place bread on the skillet. Crack egg in the center of the circle.
  4. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Flip and cook an additional minute. You can toast your circle cut out on the skillet too.
  5. Serve.


Even my picky eaters love this fast and inexpensive meal. What are they called in your house?

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  1. This is one of my favorite breakfasts! I like to toast one side first, flip the bread, drop the egg in and cook it sunny side up.

  2. Cute! In my neck of the woods (Alabama), we call this toad-in-the-hole. It was one of my favorites as a kid.

  3. I’ve made these before. One nice thing to do is melt some cheese on top once you flip it over. Yum! 🙂

  4. Yum, egg in a hole!

  5. Love these and all the names that come with it… never heard Bull’s Eyes before… we call them Eggs-in-a-basket… but I have even heard ” toad in a hole”… seems the sillier the better!

  6. Darcy H. says:

    We used to call them Eggs In a Basket too. I make this for my VERY picky 4 year old, and she loves it! We cook the eggs over easy so she can break the yolk and dip her bread in it. It’s a great little breakfast!

  7. Brandi Jones says:

    LOVE IT…….My dad used to do this when we were kids. One of my most vivid memories 🙂

  8. one eyed jacks :o)

  9. LOL, My kids love these. We call them Egg in a Hole. When they were little they used to like to crack the eggs to “dump them into the hole”. Now, they can’t be bothered, they just like eat them! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I haven’t made this in years! Thanx for giving me inspiration ..

  11. My kids call them toads-in-a-hole but as soon as you said Bullseye, I knew what you were probably talking about. The kids absolutely LOVE them! And a previous commenter (can’t remember who off hand) is right, it seems the sillier the name the more kids love it!

  12. Yep. We love these too. It’s a nice twist on scrambled eggs and toast. And I’m with Bree. I’ve heard a bunch of names for these, but never Bull’s Eyes!

  13. never heard bullseye, but I grew up with bird in a nest or birds nest breakfast. We eat this at least 3x a week.

  14. Never heard of them before! Glad I have now! Gonna try those asap! :-9

  15. My kids would go nuts over this! I am trying it tomorrow morning! 🙂

  16. We call them BIRD’S NESTS

  17. Gashouse eggs. My hubby can eat a stack of ’em!

  18. Jennifer says:

    My Dad used to call them Bull’s eyes too. That was one of our favorite breakfasts as a child.

  19. At our house we call it toad in a hole but I do like the other readers suggestions for egg in a basket. Cute!

  20. We’ve always called them toad-in-the-road (guess someone along the line messed up and forgot it was toad in a hole lol.) I use to make them for my baby sister and now I make them for my kids and they always love them.

  21. Merrilee says:

    Eggs in a Frame

    My dad made them too, but only when we were camping. I never had them at home until I made one a summer or two ago. They were so firmly engrained in my mind as a camping food. 🙂

    We always bit out the center of the bread & ate it while my dad cooked it.

  22. I love those! I used to make them for my two older children. We called them UFOs: unidentified frying objects.

  23. Julie in Australia says:

    We call them “Sunshine Eggs” and have them every Thursday. My son loves it served with baked beans and cheese on top of a slice of wholemeal toast. A great filler for a hungry eight year old.

    Julie in Australia

  24. Patti Bright says:

    egg in a hat…when you sit the little circle bag on top, it completes the hat

  25. We call them eggs in a basket!

  26. I’ve heard them called “bird’s nests” but I love Bull’s Eyes!

  27. Egg In A Nest. Mom would make these a lot when we were kids; they were always a favorite! We would always fry the middle, too and I have always saved that part until last. I remember her using a heart cutter for Valentine’s Day-so special! My husband loves them now too, so I like to make them on a regular basis. Yummy!

  28. We eat these all the time — I usually add some cheese and ham or crumbled bacon to the mix as well for a more filling breakfast (or non-breakfast, depending on when you eat them). You can “bake” them in the oven as well using a cookie sheet — no flipping required. YUM!!!

  29. We call them Egg-in-a-hole. I don’t scramble the egg, but leave it whole like a fried egg. While my hubby was working on our house and I had no kitchen I would make these in our George Foremen grill. To make them yummier, i would place the bread with the hole down, plop the egg in, then a slice of my favorite cheese, then another piece of buttered bread on top. Grill for a minute or two and eat up the gooey, cheesy, drippy sandwich…two napkins required. MMMmmmmmm.

  30. In my family, we call them Gashouse Eggs. They are definitely a favorite!

  31. Here’s another family that calls them toad-in-the-hole. My girls were just introduced to them this Christmas at my sister-in-law’s house. They just called them toady-holes. I think I will make some for breakfast today and may have to do like Julie in Australia and make it a weekly thing.

  32. Ours are Eggs in a Frame! 🙂 YUMMO!

  33. Emily Metzger says:

    My dad calls them Angel on Horseback. I have no idea why! Tear out a hole, butter both sides of the bread, place in pan & crack the egg in–don’t scramble it, cook on both sides.

  34. How funny! I just made these over the weekend. I call them Popeyes and used to make them at summer camp. I was reading through my Pioneer Woman cookbook and was reminded of them. We made them in a skillet over a campfire at camp and put 2 slices of bacon over the egg on each side (2 full pieces of bacon, cut in half to make 4 pieces). I was all out of bacon, but they were still great!

  35. We love these in our house but call them eggs in a basket or I started calling them cat in the hat because for whatever reason I can never remember eggs in a basket

  36. we call them popeye eggs. My mom-in-law would make them for her boys growing up. Not sure where the name comes from, but my husband still requests them!

  37. I make these at least weekly for my girls! I often use cookie cutters to cut out the shape from the bread, which they love!

  38. I love these! We call them egg-in-a-hole or Egyptian Eyes. Funny how they have all kinds of names! 😀

  39. Toad-in-a-hole! I didn’t know they had other names! Thanks for the education! 😉

  40. Chelsea says:

    This was one of my favorites growing up! My husband had never had them until we were married, but now he’s hooked too! We call our “birds in a nest”.

  41. I have great memories of my dad making these for us when we were younger and him trying all sorts of things with the holes (seasoning salt, cinnamon sugar, peanut butter/jam are some I remember).

    With typical “dad humour”, he called them “holey toasts”. Hah!

  42. We have always called them toad-in-hole as well. BUT I have boys, the thought of eating a toad works well for them 🙂
    I think we once called them Ogre Eyes and dyed them green ( like shrek)

  43. We call them eggs in the bread. We were a “keep it simple family”.

  44. My big brother made this for me once when I was a little girl. He called it eggs in a frame. I’m going to try it this morning with a cookie cutter. I love the “Holey Toast” that’s too cute. Aren’t dads awesome?

  45. Yum! Toad in the hole!

  46. My mom always called them “Eggs in a Basket”. 🙂

  47. We used to have “bird’s nests” at Girl Scout camp when I was little. when I became the leader of my daughters troops we made them at camp also…never made them at home, always associated them with GS.

  48. Shannon says:

    We call it eggs in a frame.

  49. Eggs in a Basket around these aprts. I just recently discovered these. My son loves them and I love that they’re soooo cheap and quick. He likes his with a drizzle of maple syrup, yum!

  50. Amanda C. says:

    We always called them “Eggs in a Nest”. So tasty and easy! 🙂

  51. Love this! I’ve never had them before but love the ideas of using them for camping and like calling them bull’s eyes and popeyes and toad-in-the- holes! Toooooo cute and gonna have to try it! I think my kids and hubby will like this! I will definitely add cheese and beef the hubby’s up a bit with some bacon and possibly hashbrowns… YUM!! Thanks for the great post!

  52. We had these for the first time yesterday! My kids said we have to call these Bull’s eye, because i scrambled the eggs and put a sausage link half in the cut out>

  53. Jennifer Russell says:

    We call them toasted sunshines, and also eat them with syrup!

  54. When I was little and spent the night with my Mamma, she’d always make these. She simply called them “Egg in a Frame”.

  55. We call them Nesting Eggs, this is one of my son’s only way to eat eggs. We started making them this way when he was a baby and he will not eat any other type of egg, (He’s 20 now) This was actually the first item of food that he learned to cook. This is a WONDERFUL way to get picky kids to eat eggs and bread.

  56. Good ol’ eggs-in-a-basket here (I’m in AL too!).

  57. Mmmmm 🙂 That looks yummy! Will definitely give that a go! It’s funny a lot of you call it Toad in The Hole though… over here (UK) we have a dish called Toad in The Hole, but it’s completely different! Sausages, cooked in the oven in a batter mix (the same as what we use for yorkshire puddings!)

  58. We called them eggs-in-a-basket too, growing up. I like the toad in a hole though!

  59. My boyfriend use to make this for me… He called it eggs in a basket. Yumm!! I’m def going to be making these for my current bf!!

  60. Never heard of them, but they look yummy! I’ve got to try these for my family… now, to choose a name! LOL Can’t get over all the different names everyone has for them. But where does “Toad-in-a-Hole” come from? I get the “hole” part… but “Toad”??? Maybe so the boys will think it’s funny and eat them? Well, whatever I go with, I’m glad I found this. Thanks so much!

  61. Christina says:

    We call them hole in ones!

  62. Man this brings back some great breakfast with the family memories. My mom use to make this for me and my sister all the time! I had forgotten about them till you posted this. I am going to have to introduce my kids to this.

  63. Ahhhh! I had a kid’s cookbook that called these A “Toad in a hole!”
    One of my favorites growing up!

  64. Egg in a Basket

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