Buying Fresh Ground Wheat vs. Grinding it Yourself

whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

From a reader:

I am wondering if the already ground wheat would be just as useful as buying the berries and grinding them yourself. Do you see any down side to this—as I wouldn’t have to buy a grinder? Any idea how long the flour would last?

I think this is a great idea for people who are interested in trying fresh ground wheat but don’t want to make the financial investment. Fresh ground flour lasts about two days before it goes rancid, but will last up to six months in the freezer.

I would recommend buying it in smaller quantities and using it quickly, as it does lose nutritional value after it is ground. If you find that you are using fresh ground flour on a daily basis it might be worth it to invest in a mill.


  1. Chantelle says:

    When you say rancid do you mean it smells or tastes bad? I grind my own wheat and have never had it go rancid! I keep it in the pantry where it is cool and dark usually no longer than 1 week, but sometimes 2 weeks.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      Mine smells bad. I haven’t tasted it because of the smell. Mine always smells bad in a few days.

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