Cake Decorating Tip

Have you ever wanted to make a fancy birthday cake for you kids but didn’t know how to frost all those cake pieces? My friend, and cake decorator extraordinaire gave me this great tip. When you are frosting a cake that has been cut into different pieces put the cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This keeps all the little crumbs on the cut sides from getting mixed up in the frosting. I have seen my friend do this and it works. I plan on trying it on Thursday to make my son’s castle birthday cake he requested.

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A few of her recent cakes…


  1. Oh what a great idea!

  2. I never though of that.

  3. Thank you. I made a 3d thomas the tank engine cack for my sons 2nd birthdy and it was difficult and the end result looked like thomas but thomas after a ruff day. So for his third we went with cupcakes. Luckily I have my oldest birthday next month and will ty this trick.

  4. What adorable cakes!
    I thought I had really done something when I managed a heart and a guitar a few years ago, but WOW- hers look wonderful!
    Thanks for the tips, birthdays are coming in July and I might try my hand at this!

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