Camping Menu Plan

Here is our camping menu for the weekend. We camp with another family so we divide up the meals and bring our own lunch fixings, snacks and drinks. This is probably our easiest camping menu we have ever had. I can’t wait for some yummy food cooked over the fire!

Friday Night- split pea soup in bread bowls, mountain pies, veggies
Saturday Breakfast – pancakes, sausage, coffee, and hot chocolate
Saturday Lunch – sandwiches, fruits, assorted snacks
Saturday Dinner- brats and hot dogs, baked beans, veggies
Sunday Breakfast – pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee and hot chocolate

Tonight I went to the store and came home with all the food. The kids were so excited they could hardly go to bed. Tomorrow we will be making trail mix, rice krispie treats, bread, cookies and packing all of our warm clothes!

Oh, a quick question for all the campers out there, do you make your kids take showers or do you just wait until you get home? We will only be gone for 2 days, but I don’t want them to stink up the campground!


  1. I would say since it will be so cold, wait till you get home. They won’t be sweating much, and getting out of a shower into the freezing air is never fun! Plus you never know how much hot water there will be.

  2. I’d just leave it up to circumstance. We usually don’t make Kat shower the first night, because by the time we’ve set up camp and eaten, it’s usually pretty late. The second night is more likely to require a shower, but we have been known to skip it. Unless your kids get extremely dirty or muddy, it’s probably not going to hurt them (or anyone else) to wait until you get them home to bathe them.

  3. For a 2 day trip in the cold, I would just skip the showers unless they are really dirty or they want to take showers :-). Have fun!

  4. You are not really cooking all that food on a campfire are you? I could not survive camping without my campstove.

    First my question then I will answer yours 🙂 What are mountain pies?

    As for showers – most of the time we shower everyday because we are swimming. When we winter camp which is more rare, we only shower if it is absolutely necessary.

  5. I’ll be honest with you, I am lucky if I can get my son to take a shower at home, you might as well forget the camp shower.

    Have fun!

  6. It’s going to be kind of cold, I wouldn’t take a shower. We don’t camp at a campground that has showers, normally. But, we have a port. shower we rarely use. Usually, we’re by a stream and just bathe in it… during warm months. But, this time of year, I wouldn’t even think about it. I would wait till we got home.

  7. I wouldn’t require the kids to take a shower while it’s this cool outside. During the summer though, it’s a must!

    BTW, we do ALL of our cooking over the campfire! We have a nice 5th wheel camper, but still chose to cook over the fire, even during the summer:)

  8. Somebody's Mimi says:

    NO SHOWERS!!!! (Do the bears shower?) You menu is more exciting than my home meals!

  9. Sounds like fun! My husband grew up in a family of 8 kids and the only vacations they took were camping trips. He has the most wonderful childhood memories. His mother kept a journal of their trips and now that she passed away, they can read all her memories. What awesome memories you are making for your children!

  10. Stinking up the campground was one of the fun parts of camping. I know I’m not the typical girl!
    Also have you ever made the rice crispy treats while camping? We used to do that at bible camp. Then you just scoop them . They don’t really have any shape, but it’s fun!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun! And your menu sounds delicious.

  12. i have everyone shower right before we leave and then we use baby wipes for our bird-bath style clean-ups and yes, what are mountain pies?


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