How to Substitute Applesauce for Oil in Baking

Substituting applesauce for oil is one of my favorite healthy baking tips. Applesauce is inexpensive to buy, easy to make, and healthier for you than oil. You can substitute applesauce for oil in cookies, muffins, cakes, brownies, basically any baked good. Substituting applesauce for oil is very simple. The ratio is one to one (applesauce to oil) however most of the cookbooks I've read say that … [Read more...]

How to Freezer Cook with a Friend

A few months ago one of my friends asked if I wanted to do a freezer cooking day. Years ago, freezer cooking was the only way I could manage to get dinner on the table. Once my kids were older and I didn't have toddlers melting down at dinnertime I stopped freezer cooking. However, after way too many meals of frozen pizza or spaghetti, I realized that even though my kids were older, our nights … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Items for Freezer Cooking Success

Do you fix freezer meals for your family? Freezer cooking is one of the best ways to save both time and money on your grocery bill each month. It keeps you from eating out less, it saves you from making too many impulse purchases, and it helps you to feed your family nutritious meals without stressing about what you’re having for dinner. If you’re new to freezer cooking, you might be wondering … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Wouldn't it be awesome if your kids requested veggies as much as they did pizza and pop tarts? When my kids were little I was tired of meal time battles (and chicken nuggets) so I made it my mission to get my kids to eat healthier. But I didn't want my kids to make better food choices because I forced them to, I wanted them to actually like the fruits and vegetables I served at mealtime so … [Read more...]

How to Tell if You Have a Rotten Egg

When we returned from vacation the eggs in the fridge had passed their "sell by" date. I was pretty sure they were still good, but wanted to make sure before I fed them to the kids. This easy test will determine if your egg is good enough to eat, or it is time to toss. Submerge your egg in water. If the egg is fresh it will sink to the bottom. If it floats to the top throw it out. If it … [Read more...]

Favorite Grilling Recipes + Win $2500 in Favado’s Summer BBQ Savings Sweepstakes

There's not a lot we like more in the summer than swimming and firing up the grill! I've got a whole list of our favorite grilling recipes including: Grilled Asapargus Grilled Mustard Crusted Pork Chops Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches Homemade Pizza on the Grill Grilled Chicken Summer Salad and more in my recipe index! But grilling isn't always cheap especially for a big … [Read more...]