Christmas Traditions

Do you have Christmas traditions in your family? The other day the kids and I drove by an apartment complex I hadn't seen in many years. Driving by it triggered a memory from my childhood. I'm not sure how often we did this, but my dad would bake sweet bread for families who were struggling and we would deliver it around Christmas time. It is one of my favorite memories of Christmas and … [Read more...]

National Egg Month: Teflon® Giveaway

Have I ever told you how much I love eggs? I've always liked eggs, but when I started to get fit two years ago I tried to cut out carbs from my breakfast menu. One easy way to do that was to eat eggs for breakfast. So I did, I made them every day for the next year. I fried them, cooked them over medium, but usually scrambled them because it's the easiest and I'm not super skilled at making … [Read more...]

Crock-Pot Cuisine: Quick Homemade Dinners

The more I try Crock-Pot® Cuisine meals the more I like them. I cannot tell you how I wish I would have known about these when Commander was deployed. I would have loved a culinary break from pizza and cereal. This month we tried Roasted Chicken and Herbed Dumplings and Creole-Style Andouille Sausage and Chicken. The roasted chicken was absolutely delicious. It was a huge hit with the kids … [Read more...]

New Eggo Bites: Quick Breakfast Option

This post is brought to you by Eggo Bites. All opinions are my own.  I love a homemade breakfast more than just about any other homemade meal. For years, when my children were younger, we would often enjoy lazy homemade breakfasts. Now we have a full schedule, co-ops, tutorials, work, and seven kids who all would sleep until noon if I let them. This means that I spend a good amount of time … [Read more...]

Cooking for Comfort: Free Ebook & $1 off Pork Coupon

Looking for some great pork recipes this holiday season? Download Cooking for Comfort, a free cookbook, and receive a coupon for $1 off fresh pork while supplies last.  This holiday season enjoy some of your favorite comfort foods thanks to The National Pork Board's Cooking for Comfort, e-Cookbook. Cooking for Comfort, features time-honored favorites and new twists on classics from James … [Read more...]

Cooking 101 for Kids: Exclusive Coupon Code

Being able to cook is a valuable life lesson that kids should learn.  Have you put off teaching your kids to cook because you're not sure where to start?  Are you unsure about how to teach your kids to cook? Cooking 101 for Kids was written by my friend Lynn of Lynn's Kitchen Adventures. The eBook covers how and what to teach your kids.  It includes pictures of kitchen tools and … [Read more...]