Grilled Thai Chicken

By contributing writer Tessa When I created my Thai Cabbage Slaw, I knew I wanted a marinated chicken to grill and place over the top for a full meal. Using similar ingredients, I've created a luscious marinade for this Grilled Thai Chicken. I consistently turn to boneless chicken thighs for grilling as they are such a moist and juicy cut of meat. Regardless of my marinade or lack thereof, I have … [Read more...]

Simple Spicy Stir Fry

Red chili pepper flakes add spice to this flavorful and simple stir fry with chicken, peppers, onion, and cabbage. PrintSimple Spicy Stir FryAuthor LindaYield 4 Ingredients1 tablespoon olive oil1/2 pound chicken breasts, cut into chunks1 yellow bell pepper, cut into thick strips3 tablespoons soy sauce1 1/2 tablespoons vinegar3 green onions, chopped1/2 cup red cabbage1 tablespoon red chili … [Read more...]

Lasagna Soup with Gluten-Free Option

By contributing writer Tessa This lasagna soup is filled with delicious lasagna flavors but doesn't require all the assembly time that the casserole does. And it can easily be made gluten free. My mom's lasagna was always a huge hit growing up. Years ago I saw a picture for a lasagna soup and thought it was totally brilliant. What a creative idea! When I recreated it using my mom's recipe as a … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato and Turkey Chili

Sweet potato and carrots are added to this turkey chili for a great variation on a classic meal. Chili is a delicious dinner that fills you, warms you, and sticks with you on a cold evening. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled it to meet your family's needs. PrintSweet Potato and Turkey ChiliAuthor LindaYield 2 - 3 Ingredients1/4 cup chopped onion1 garlic clove, minced1 teaspoon … [Read more...]

Chili Lime Shrimp

My husband is not a big fan of shrimp but I love it. I especially love it with a little kick. If you love shrimp, you'll want to try this recipe for Chili Lime Shrimp served over a bed of rice noodles along with corn and avocado. Just remember, you need to marinate the shrimp for at least an hour. So give yourself a little bit of extra time if you are making this for dinner. PrintChili Lime … [Read more...]

Cherry Apple Pork Loin: Slow Cooker

By contributing writer Beth Smothered in fresh cherries and apples and dusted with cinnamon, your whole family will adore this Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Pork Loin. There's something comforting about a juicy, tender pork loin. It's full of mouthwatering protein and delicious flavor. Pair that with seasonal fruits and you've got a winning flavor combination. Impress your guests with this Cherry … [Read more...]