Cooking 101 for Kids: Exclusive Coupon Code

Being able to cook is a valuable life lesson that kids should learn.  Have you put off teaching your kids to cook because you’re not sure where to start?  Are you unsure about how to teach your kids to cook?

Cooking 101 for Kids was written by my friend Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.

The eBook covers how and what to teach your kids.  It includes pictures of kitchen tools and ingredients to help them learn.  It also includes links to videos that you and your child can watch.  The videos show her kids performing basic cooking tasks.

The last part of the book contains kid friendly recipes that are easy to make.

This book will help you teach your kids about:
  • Measurements
  • Tools and Common Ingredients
  • How to Follow a Recipe
  • How to Make Breakfast
  • Snacks, Appetizers and Side Dishes
  • Desserts and Treats

The book sells for $4.99, but as readers of The Happy Housewife, you can enter the code HAPPY  to receive $2 off.  $2.99 is a small price to pay for an important life lesson.

Get your copy today.

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