Crock Pot Recipes and Tips

Apparently people want crock pot recipes, the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page went from 100,000 “likes” to 800,000 “likes” in a little over a week. Isn’t that crazy? The page is updated so frequently I’ve had trouble finding any crock pot recipes, but all the activity on the page tells me people want to use their crock pot!

I’ve been using my crock pot for years and our family has several favorite recipes. I’ve linked to the recipes below as well as added a few of my favorites around the web. Before you start cooking be sure to read a few of my tips for crock pot cooking listed below.

You Don’t Need a Fancy Crock Pot

I’ve had a basic crock pot for years. It has three settings, warm, low, and high. It was inexpensive and it works great! If you have a family my advice is to skip the technology and buy a bigger crock pot, you’ll always have leftovers.

In the Summer Put Your Crock Pot in the Garage

I’ve been telling people to put their crock pot outside for years, and they think I’m crazy but it works! During the summer the crock pot can heat up your house so put it on the porch or in the garage while cooking.

You Can Cook Frozen Meat in the Crock Pot

Although it isn’t my ideal way to cook, I have often placed frozen meat in my crock pot. I add an extra hour (at least) to the cooking time, but using frozen meat does not affect the taste at all.

Not All Crock Pot Recipes Contain Cream of Mushroom Soup

I’ve heard many people say that they don’t use the crock pot because all the recipes call for cream of chicken or mushroom soup. While many recipes do call for cream based soups most of my recipes do not! You can cook healthy food in the crock pot. 🙂

Start Your Meats on High in the Crock Pot

I can’t remember where I heard this (it might have been one of you) but someone said to start all your crock pot meats on high. Apparently if you start it on low it takes a while for the crock pot to heat up and during the heating time bacteria can grow. Now, I’m not sure if I believe this or if it is scientifically accurate… but I’d rather be safe than throwing up so I started cooking all my meats on high for the first hour or so.

I’ve noticed no difference in taste, but cooking times are shortened just a bit.

My Favorite Crock Pot Recipes



  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing all the info and recipes! 😀
    Have a wonderful day! 😀
    ~Mippy 🙂

  2. Crock pot and one dish recipes are awesome! Thanks!

  3. I love the new crock pot craze, I love cooking in the crock pot because by 5pm I am toast

  4. Thank you for the wonderful tips! I have been doing a few of them, but am really considering putting my crockpot outside for the rest of the summer.
    I am excited to look around your blog somemore and follow your posts.
    Have been married for only 3 years and still have so much to learn!

  5. My recipe for Crockpot Yogurt is here:
    I just made some this morning. I had to use a glass lid to a frying pan since my crockpot lid broke.
    I look forward to trying some of your recipes!

  6. I love my crock pot! Thanks for posting your recipes- I need some new ones. We’re stuck in a rut around here right now. 🙁 I too put my crock pot either on the back patio or in the garage in the summer time. Why stop using it in the summer? It’s hot outside anyway, so the crock pot may as well be out there. 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the links! I start it on high if I’m using frozen meat, because definitely by the time it’s heated up enough to thaw, it’s probably been growing something. If the meat is well-thawed otherwise, I don’t mind starting it on low. Going to check out the crockpot yogurt right now!

  8. I love my crock pot too! In fact, I have chicken breasts and thighs cooking in mine today so I can shred them later and have quick cooked bags of chicken in the freezer for assorted meals.

  9. I love my crock pot!! I’ve never heard that tip about cooking on high for the first hour, but I think I’ll try that! Thanks! 😀

  10. You made me laugh, twice…first saying not all crock pot recipes call for cream of mushroom soup…and how you’d rather be safe starting the meat on High than to throw up. LOL!
    Thanks for the great recipes. I too have an old (mid 70’s?) large crockpot that was given as a gift & it still works great. Granted I don’t use it a whole lot, but I”ve used it plenty. I agree, go for the bigger size. If it’s worth eating it’s worth reheating!

  11. I love my crock pot!! We eat out of it at least twice a week. My ridiculously easy chicken taco recipe can’t be beat!

    My Army food inspector husband tells me that there’s no reason to start meats on high. The crock pot warms fast enough to prevent bacterial growth. Just thought you’d like to know!

  12. We LOVE our crockpot! I don’t use it as often as I should–especially in the summer. With our current home, we can’t place it outside to cook–no outlets. 🙁 So, to avoid the house getting too warm, I don’t use it much.
    I did just use it yesterday for your crock pot french dip sandwiches-which my hubby LOVED! Thanks for the recipe! I don’t like french dip sandwiches, but he does, so I thought I would try it. Success!

  13. I always feel so relaxed when I have a meal going in the crockpot! I get to pat myself on the back for planning ahead instead of feeling frantic at dinnertime.

    Wanted to mention that you need to be careful when putting a frozen chunk of meat into the crockpot; I dropped a roast into the crock once and it cracked the crockpot! 🙁

  14. I LOVE my crockpot too! It truly allows for stress free dinner time. If I don’t have something in the crockpot for dinner, it ends up being 5:30pm and I have NO IDEA what to make, which usually ends up in calling out for pizza (which my kids don’t mind, but isn’t all that healthy!). I would love to share crockpot recipes and am excited to try some of yours. You can find mine at Thanks!

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