Day 2 in My Kitchen

My kitchen day has been posted at Happy to be at Home. I posted a bread tutorial video. If you can view it through all the children talking it might be helpful :).



  1. I have made your bread recipe twice now and it was nice to get a “real live” tutorial from you. I picked up a few new tips (like putting the butter to keep them soft). We do enjoy your bread recipe and plan to keep using it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for putting up this video! I am using your recipe and baking it in my bread machine. The next step I am going to take is finding a source for the whole grain so I can grind my own flour. I have noticed how much more filling homemade bread is and also that my kids will eat the whole sandwich when it is homemade …they won’t eat the crust of store bought bread. Oh and love your long bread pan I have never seen one before. I might try that out when summer is over and cool weather returns.

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