Easy Way to Separate Eggs

Check out this really cool way to separate egg yolks from the egg whites. I’m off to the kitchen to try it now!


  1. Now who will invent the baster that is an egg seperator and does this.

  2. Now that’s something cool to try with the kids learning. It took me a while to learn passing it between halves of the shell when I was young.

  3. So cool! Think we will try that out later!

  4. Seems cool, but I question how sanitary it is.

  5. thats really neat, i don’t know how many times i have had a little yolk in my whites and had to start all over again. thanks for the tip 🙂

  6. I tried it this morning making scrambled eggs. There is a small learning curve (getting enough suction), but it was fun!

  7. Ha! That is awesome! What fun. I think if you have rinsed out your water bottle well even with a soap solution and let dry you should definitely be ok. Afterall, you are probably going to heat the egg yolk and whites in cooking anyway, right? Does anyone not cook eggs these days?

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