Food on the Table: Free Lifetime Membership (April)

This offer is back and available to NEW sign ups during the month of April only. It usually “sells out” very quickly so if you are interested sign up now.

Food on the Table is offering a free membership to their meal planning website to new members.

Usually this membership costs $5 a month, but they are offering it for free! To sign up for the free menu planning service use the code SPRINGFREE. When you use the code you will receive the free meal planning service for LIFE!


  1. Not working! Says it has reached its limit…

  2. No longer available…

  3. I just signed up with no problems.

  4. Thanks! This looks like a huge help to this organization-challenged mom.

  5. Jen Flinn says:

    I also just signed up with no problem.

  6. I just signed up with no problems as well.

  7. Doesn’t seem super user friendly, but perhaps if I poke around long enough it’ll be worth my while. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just did it and it worked??

  9. Thanks Happy!

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