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Congratulations April! You are our winner in the Quaker Oatmeal Squares Delightful Discoveries giveaway.

April said:

I will be making rye bread for the first time! It’s something different, anyway.

April, remember to check your email for your prize information!

I hope you tried something delightful (or different) this Leap Year.

I decided to use February 29th as a day to catch up on crafts with the kids. I often skip the more involved crafts because they are…. involved. But I wanted to do something delightful, and I knew my children would find working on crafts very delightful!

"Real Life" crafts with The Happy Housewife

Here’s what I discovered.

  • Crafts are messy. Okay, I didn’t really discover that, I already knew that, which is why I often skip the crafts.
  • I am craft challenged. How I can design and sew a flower girl dress but not put together a paper chariot is beyond me.
  • My kids LOVE crafts too. I knew that already too, but while working on the crafts I was reminded of how much they do love them.
  • The mess can be cleaned up, in a few minutes. This was my real discovery. Because of the mess, I often skip the craft project, but on Wednesday I remembered that spending an extra ten minutes cleaning up was a small investment compared to their happiness.

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