Freezer Fun

This week, thanks to my Motivated Moms Planner, I cleaned out my freezer. I must admit, it was quite yucky, but I did find a ton of frozen food that helped create a menu for an entire week.








I realize the difference isn’t earth shattering, but now everything is organized by type of food. Finding food will be simple and I won’t purchase items that I don’t need.

This week I hope to clean out my closet! I’ll post my pictures next Tuesday.


  1. Nice tackle! It looks like my freezer!! It is so nice to have it all organized, doesn’t it?

  2. I’m afraid to clean my freezer out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Hoffa’s body is lurking somewhere under all that freezer-burned ice cream….

  3. I have to do the same thing.

  4. I love your blog tag line 🙂
    Great freezer tackle – I need to do that too.

  5. Great tackle. I wish mine looked as nice as your before pics! Glad you found food for a week – that is awesome!

  6. It looks great! Plus, you have an instant menu!

  7. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering to make you feel accomplished! To clean the freezer AND get a week’s menu–how cool is that?!

    I had a Motivated Mom’s Planner once…
    I wasn’t good at it. LOL

  8. I have to do this every two to three months, hate it! Good job! Stop by my Tackle a look at my vacation.

  9. Way to go! Doesn’t that just feel better?

  10. Great tackle! I am amazed sometimes what things can go without being noticed when they are all the way in the back of the freezer. I need to start marking things better, too. I had some supposed cooked pork chops, but when I defrosted them I found out they were grilled chicken. LOL!

  11. Isn’t it fun to find “hidden” foods in the freezer! I guess we really didn’t need that 3rd bag of frozen corn! 🙂

  12. Some times it is something simple that makes the biggest difference. great job!

  13. I finally broke down and cleaned out our freezer and organized it. I am very proud that it still looks like these a month later. It makes grocery shopping and meal planning so much easier. Now if I can motivate myself to do my deep freeze.

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