Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream at The Happy Housewife

Fried Ice Cream


  • Ice Cream
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Chocolate Syrup


  1. Scoop ice cream into balls and place on baking sheet. Set in freezer until firm.
  2. When ice cream has set, roll in cinnamon toast crunch (that has been slightly crushed). I tried rolling it with a spoon, but the best way is to pick up the ice cream and smoosh the cereal around the ice cream by cupping your hands.
  3. Place back in the freezer to set.
  4. Leave for about 2 hours or until the ice cream has firmed up.
  5. Set the oven to broil.
  6. Broil the ice cream about six inches from the top for about 30 seconds.
  7. Top with chocolate syrup and serve.
  8. You will not have leftovers.


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  1. THAT is my kind of recipe! Easy, delicious and includes chocolate. Thanks for sharing. This will be added to my menu plan as well!

  2. I would like to reach through my computer screen and take a bite. Oh how I wish it worked that way! All this baby wants me to eat is ice cream. And we ran out last night 🙁

    Looks delish!

  3. VeggieMomma says:

    Yum! Oh this is perfect, I’m going to try this for Father’s Day (DH LOVES fried ice cream!)

  4. easy and tasty… can’t wait to try them!

  5. oooooh, looks good!

  6. Our version of this is only slightly different… I use crushed up corn flakes instead of cinnamon toast crunch, don’t usually put it in the oven to broil, and top with caramel topping instead of chocolate. I’ll have to give your way a try sometime soon!

  7. That looks amazing. Especially adding chocolate syrup…mmmm.

  8. It kind of makes you wonder who came up with this idea? Seriously, was someone just sitting around one day and thought….let’s put ice cream in the oven and see what happens?

    Loved the picture with your sis and Cora! Love the way she’s looking up at her.

    Oh, and you’re lucky I don’t live next door to you if you’re putting your crockpot outside…..I’m just sayin’…..

  9. Hmm, will have to try that-I have actually made fried ice cream, after reading about it in a Magic Key Magazine (original Disney Club for people who belonged through organizations such as the phone co.). I think they served it in one of the restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. Mine came out really well-hot outside, cold inside. Used a wok to fry it (the rest of the dinner was also mostly fried foods, lol, not usual in our house.). Thanks for the recipe!

  10. OMG!! the kids are gonna LOVE this!! I’m still curious of how it doesn’t turn to liquid LOL. And I agree lucky we all don’t live next door!

  11. That is soooo not right! I just don’t think it’s fair to post something that looks so good without allowing all of us to eat it as well 🙂 No, but seriously- I’m gonna remember that easy recipe- my kids would love it (along with me of course).

  12. Oh, that’s the yummy treat you were taunting us with. Sounds delicious. I will have to try that. Thanks!

  13. I was wondering how you made this when I saw it the other day. Thanks for the directions!

  14. oh yummy! I can do this! Thank you for passing this trick on.

  15. So Easy! Yet SO impressive! Thanks for the idea!
    Happy Weekend!

  16. Oh, that looks like 5 star dining quality! – This is one of my favorite treats at authentic Tex-Mex restaurants. I will have to try this!

  17. I don’t know how to make real fried ice cream but that looks good. 🙂

  18. OH NO! Why did I come here today? WHY???? You torture me. lol I can’t have ANY sugar or carbs on my diet, and now I want THESE. RIGHT. NOW! 😉


  19. My children are going to love you this summer. This is going to be a favorite dessert treat for my sons during these hot months. It’s so easy, and it looks extremely delicious. Thank you for posting the recipe and the pictures.

  20. Rebecca says:

    we love fried ice cream, we also use honey on ours! how was your weekend?

  21. That looks really really delicious. I’m going to have to remember it for the next time we need a dessert fancier than the usual ice cream in a dish.

  22. This looks absolutely scrumptious! 😀 The kids would go “bonkers” over this!

  23. YUMMY!! I have made this the past two nights and the he man and I adore it 🙂 THANK YOU!!
    I used coffee icecream instead of vanilla and it was so good!
    I blogged about it here (and credited you!)

  24. I chuckled when I saw your first title – Easy Friend Ice Cream :)This looks amazing and I will definitely try this. Guess what? I found out that I met one of our mutual twitter friends – Family travel mom at our state home school conference. Were your ears burning? We were talking about you behind your back. 😉
    She’s a sweet heart.

  25. Somebody's Mimi says:

    Mammy (86 yo) said they were the BEST things she has ever eaten… and SHE has eaten quite a bit! LOL!!

  26. Looks yummy! And everyone is saying they are really good, just in time for summer.

  27. These were amazing!
    We just finished every last crumb!
    I linked to your recipe…hope that’s ok.

  28. What a fabulous idea to use the cinnamon toast crunch! I’ve made it before with corn flakes and cinnamon, but this sounds so much better. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I know you love cooking and I thought you might like to share one of your successes (maybe this ice cream creation?) with Momtrends reader. Here is my link for Friday Feasts:

    I hope you’ll stop by with a recipe, cooking tip or menu suggestion. Have a great weekend.

  30. this is going to be my next snack to make YUMMY

  31. I found this recipe by googling cinnamon toast crunch cereal! of course, I loved your blog before I found the link. I have 10 boxes of cinnamon toast crunch cereal in my pantry begging to be used! thanks for posting this (even though it was a year ago) – it looks amazing!

  32. This is how we made fried ice cream in my college cafeteria, minus the freezing and broiling. It’s amazing how cinnamon toast crunch tastes like the traditional coating.

  33. I’ve always suspected the mexican restaurants use Cinnamon Toast Crunch to make it!! Oh my husband and son are going to love me!!! (more)

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