Frozen Vegetables: A Frugal Alternative

frozen peas, not from the CSA delivery
I’ve heard from many people that they are often throw out fresh vegetables because they rot in the fridge. A frugal alternative is frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are picked when they are ripe unlike fresh vegetables which are picked before they are ripe because of the transportation time. Many frozen vegetables are flash-frozen so while they loose some nutrients, the process locks in many other nutrients.

There are also more coupons available for frozen vegetables include some organic brands.  While frozen vegetables are not the perfect vegetable, they are a frugal alternative.

Don’t throw away your leftover vegetables, use my leftover vegetable tip to turn your leftover vegetables into delicious soups!

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  1. Jrmiss86 says:

    I love having frozen veggies on hand, especially in the winter. A great way to save even more is to freeze your own veggies. During the summer and fall, I either grow or buy at the farmers market all the veggies we will need for the rest of the year. I then freeze or can them. Mostly freeze because it is much simpler than canning. That alone has cut my grocery budget in the winter way down.

  2. I love frozen veggies, they really give a big nutrition bang for your buck. When fresh ones are plentiful in the summer and cheap I will buy extras to freeze. Freezing is so much easier and quicker than canning.

  3. I was just researching the whole fresh vs. frozen produce argument the other day. What it all comes down to is this: if it’s in season, buy it fresh. If it’s not, buy it frozen. This principle applies whether your focus is price or quality. Frozen foods often get a bad rap, but as you said, frozen veggies are picked during prime ripeness, which means better taste, texture, size and color. Plus, they retain much of their nutritious value unlike fresh produce that’s exposed to harsh light and heat conditions on its way to the grocery store.

    Watch out for steamable bags though! You may wind up getting more air and less veggies.

  4. I’ve always found the anti-frozen veggie stance odd! Unless you are getting it from a CSA or your own garden, those ‘fresh’ veggies were picked days ago! I love fresh, but frozen is fine. We freeze our own corn on the cob from a great farm nearby and enjoy it in winter.

  5. I love bagged frozen vegetables because it lets me pour out and use just the portion that I need. They’re great for when half the family won’t eat broccoli. 🙂 Or for when I just need a small portion of veggies to pack in my lunch at work.

    I don’t buy the steam-in-bag variety. They are more expensive and often contain unhealthy sauces.

  6. I love buying my seasoning veggies frozen. That way I don’t waste as much when a recipe only calls for a portion of an onion or bell pepper.

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